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Liver cancer surgery in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

To cure liver cancer, the surgeon perform a surgery either with the resection (removal of the tumour) or with the liver transplant.

Treatments of liver cancer in Turkey, with our partner clinic and hospitals also includes:

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    Liver cancer surgery Turkey
    Who is this procedure for?
    • Patients with a small non-metastatic hepatic tumour (liver cancer).
    Side effects
    • Infections;
    • blood clotting;
    • pneumonia.
    Alternative treatments
    Intervention or treatment's duration
    • 4 to 10 hours.
    Recovery time
    • 6 months.
    Success rate
    • 90%.

    Liver Cancer Treatment in Turkey: Options, Cost & Reviews 

    Liver cancer treatment options vary depending on the stage and the type of liver cancer. These options include:

    Liver Cancer Treatment Options: Partial Hepatectomy

    It consists in removing part of the liver. This operation in Turkey may be indicated for a patient with a tumour that has not developed in the blood vessels.

    This is only an option in patients with good liver function and healthy enough for surgery.

    Unfortunately, liver cancers cannot be totally eliminated because cancer affects different parts of the liver and has spread beyond the liver.

    First, the surgeon verifies if the cancer can be removed totally through imaging tests such as CT or PRI with angiography.

    The surgery can be cancelled if the cancer appears to be too large or spread too far to be removed.

    Patients in class A are most likely to have enough liver function to have surgery. Patients in class B are less likely to be able to have surgery. Surgery is not typically an option for patients in class C.

    Liver Cancer Treatment Options: Embolization

    Embolization is a procedure that consists in injecting a substance into a hepatic artery to prevent the blood supply to the tumour. This therapy can kill cancer cells at an early stage without harming the rest of the liver.

    In fact, embolization is a good treatment option for liver cancer, especially in case of hepatic tumours that cannot be surgically removed.

    Types of embolization

    There are several types of this embolization, among which we can mention:

    • Trans-arterial embolization (TAE);
    • Trans-arterial chemo-embolization (TACE);
    • Drug-eluting bead chemo-embolization (DEB-TACE);
    • Radio-embolization (RE).

    Side effects of embolization

    The side effects of embolization include:

    • Hyperthermy;
    • Hepatic infection;
    • Vomiting;
    • Blood coagulation in the main artery of the liver.

    Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Targeted therapy & Immunotherapy

    Radiation therapy is indicated for people with:

    • A hepatic tumour that cannot be removed by surgery;
    • A metastatic liver cancer.

    Chemotherapy is indicated to treat liver cancer in people for which partial hepatectomy is not efficient. It is also a treatment option for patients who no longer respond to embolization and radiotherapy.

    On the other hand, targeted therapy is another type of chemotherapy that consists in using special molecules (cancer drugs) that are able to identify and destroy cancer cells. It can be combined with other treatments such as chemotherapy, hepatectomy and therapeutic radiation.

    Finally, immunotherapy is a treatment that consists in using medications that improve the immune system. This therapy aims to boost the immune response against the cancerous cells.

    What is the best treatment for liver cancer?

    Liver transplant is the most effective cure for liver cancer. In fact, this surgery is a life-saving treatment for most patients who suffer from a life-threatening liver disease. However, it may not be the best option for people with a metastatic hepatic cancer (cancer that has spread to other organs).

    Risks and Side Effects of Liver Cancer Surgery

    Skilled and experienced surgeons are the only ones who can perform the liver resection surgery.

    After surgery, bleeding is the main concern because a lot of blood passes through the liver.

    The liver secretes substances that help the blood to coagulate. Damage to the liver (both before and during the intervention) can lead to the risk of bleeding.

    Other possible side effects are similar to those seen with other invasive surgeries and can include:

    • Infections;
    • Anesthesia-related complications;
    • Blood coagulation;
    • Respiratory disorders.

    A new liver cancer can develop afterward because the remaining liver still has the underlying disorder that first led to the disease.

    Liver Transplant in the Best Clinics in Turkey: Cost & Reviews

    A liver transplant in Turkey may be the best option for some people with small liver cancers.

    Liver Transplant in Turkish Clinics: Who is this surgery for?

    Liver transplants can be an option for people with tumours that cannot be removed with surgery. This may be due to the tumour's location or the stage of the cancer. In fact, hepatectomy is contraindicated for patients with an advanced cancer.

    In general, it is used to treat patients with small tumours that have not invaded nearby blood vessels. It can also rarely be an option for patients with resectable cancers (cancers that can be removed completely).

    The risk of a second new liver cancer is significantly decreased, and the new liver will function normally using the new organ.

    Most livers that are used for transplants come from donors who have recently died or from living relatives.

    What is the Cost of a Liver Transplant in Turkish Clinics?

    People who need a transplant must wait until a liver is available, which can take too long for some people with liver cancer. In many cases, a patient may undergo other therapies, such as embolization or hepatectomy, while waiting for a liver grafting. Indeed, doctors may suggest surgery or other treatments first and then a transplant if the cancer comes back.

    We invite you to discover our affordable prices. Our partner hospitals, medical centers and clinics offer the best health services in the field of oncology and cancer treatment at the best cost.

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