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When to Opt for a Jaw Operation in Turkey and Istanbul?

It is not always easy to make a decision when talking about major surgery such as jaw surgery in Turkey. In some cases, the problems in this area may remain aesthetic, but often the person may suffer from small daily worries when he/she eats or speaks. There may be cases of prognathia or retrognathia. But in general, the problems that can be treated through jaw surgery are the following: 

  • Weak chin;
  • Apparent gums when you smile;
  • Teeth that go a little too far, especially those on the top.

Orthodontics may be sufficient for some patients, but surgery can be a solution to consider if the problem persists. In more rare situations, the person may even have difficulty breathing. In this case, surgery is needed as soon as possible.

The Surgical Solution for Facial Harmony in Turkey

Surgery is not the first solution that will be available to a patient with a jaw problem. However, if it prevents them from “living” properly and entails risks to their health, it is inevitable.

Orthognathic surgery may be required to perform an in-depth procedure on the positioning of the patient’s jawbone, whether the patient has the lower jaw behind, the chin forward or the jaw forward. It is a major heavy operation that requires months of management. By opting for an operation of the jaw, whether it is an operation of the lower jaw, a bimaxillary osteotomy or a maxillofacial operation, the face will be more harmonious because all soft tissues will be repositioned.

It is especially for cases of retromandibular which cannot be treated with orthodontics that we advocate such operations. In practice, the procedure consists in correcting the symmetry of the patient’s jaw as well as the alignment of his/her teeth. After that, the best jaw surgeon will have to touch the mandibular and maxillary.

The process of the Operation

There are steps to achieve the desired results. First of all, there has to be something called orthodontic preparation, which is the first step. This involves using fixed corrective devices to prepare the teeth for surgery and align them. In general, this stage can last between a year and a year and a half.

Once the teeth are aligned, the surgeon can proceed to surgery. He/ she will correct the position of the patient’s jaws based on the severity of the case. Front & rear skeletal imbalances are rectified using a bilateral mandibular sagittal osteotomy. The mandible will be more advanced (if it is too short at first) after the operation if it is a mandibular retrognathia. It will be a little further back if it is a mandibular prognathia.

After the jaw operation, there will be an orthodontic completion. It is a fairly long stage that can last a few months. It consists of correcting the teeth one last time for an improvement in the occlusion and doing a follow-up to see if the jaw is stable.

What is the Cost of Jaw Operation in Turkey & Istanbul?

The amount to be paid is set by the surgeon according to the type of jaw operation and the difficulty of the intervention. You will receive an accurate quote from Turquie santé to sign before the operation. A copy will be given to you and kept by the surgeon or the hospital.

Please find below the different prices associated with your request for : Jaw surgery in Turkey

The cost of treatment depends on a variety of factors that vary from hospital to hospital. The type of surgery you are going to have and the experience of your surgeon should be taken into consideration.

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