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Redefine your face in Turkey: Prices & Reviews for Profiloplasty

Facial plastic surgery (profiloplasty) is a group of aesthetic procedures that aim to change the overall appearance of the facial profile by combining several surgical or non-surgical techniques.

This may include modification of the nose, chin, cheekbones, and jawline to create an aesthetic balance between these different areas of the face. This procedure is becoming increasingly popular in Turkey.

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Profiloplasty Turkey
Who is this procedure for?
  • People who want to improve their overall facial profile
Alternative treatments
Intervention or treatment's duration
  • 1 h 30 to 4h
Recovery time
  • One week to ten days of rest

Who should have a profiloplasty?

Profiloplasty is often chosen by patients who wish to correct multiple aspects of their face to achieve a more balanced and harmonious facial profile.

Patients who undergo this procedure may have aesthetic or medical motivations, such as respiratory problems caused by a deviated septum or temporomandibular joint disorders.

The procedure of profile plasty in Turkey

The profiloplasty process, in Turkey, usually begins with a consultation with a specialized plastic surgeon. During this consultation, the surgeon will review the patient's profile and discuss the patient's aesthetic goals. He or she may also use 3D modeling tools to help the patient visualize the possible results of the procedure.

The procedure itself can vary depending on the patient's individual needs. The surgeon will design a customized treatment plan to meet the patient's needs. The plan may include one or more surgical procedures such as rhinoplasty, genioplasty (chin surgery),cheekbone augmentation or reduction, etc.

It is also possible to influence the harmony of the face with non-surgical and non-invasive procedures that can produce decisive and satisfying effects naturally.

Nose reshaping & mentoplasty

The surgeon can perform a rhinoplasty to reduce the size or reshape the shape of the nose.

This is one of the procedures included in profiloplasty, certainly the most common.

Mentoplasty can be performed as part of a profiloplasty to correct the shape, size, and position of the chin. In the case of a receding chin, the operation involves the placement of prostheses. However, if the chin is prominent, bone or tissue material will be removed.

Malarplasty: Cheekbone surgery

To enlarge, reduce, reshape, or correct asymmetry of the cheekbones, a malaroplasty is performed. This procedure consists of intervening in the area of the cheekbones through access from the oral cavity to place prostheses without damaging the external skin tissues. The prostheses are of different shapes and sizes and are selected in advance by the surgeon based on the visit and preoperative evaluations.

Cheiloplasty: Lip surgery

Lip correction is a common procedure for both men and women.

Cheiloplasty is for patients who desire:

  • An increase in lip volume or tone
  • The reduction of lips that are too fleshy
  • Reshaping the design of the mouth
  • Correction of scars and post-traumatic defects

Risks and Complications of Profiloplasty

As with any surgical procedure, there are potential risks and complications associated with profiloplasty. Common risks include infection, bruising, pain, and loss of sensation. Less common complications include visible scarring, facial asymmetry, and altered mouth or airway function.

However, with a skilled and experienced surgeon and a patient who follows preoperative and postoperative instructions, the risks can be minimized, and the results can be very satisfactory. Patients who undergo profiloplasty can expect a more balanced and harmonious facial profile, which can improve their self-confidence and self-esteem.

The decision to undergo a profiloplasty is ultimately a personal one and should be made after a thorough discussion with a qualified and competent plastic surgeon. Patients should be aware of the potential risks and benefits of the surgery and ensure that they are prepared for the financial costs and post-operative requirements of the procedure.

Price of a profiloplasty in Turkey

The price of a profiloplasty in Turkey depends on the conditions of each patient and various factors such as the reputation of the clinic or hospital, the experience and specialty of the surgeon, the type of profiloplasty (full or partial),and the level of complexity of the procedure.

In this regard, to meet the needs of our patients, by guaranteeing the high standards typical of our plastic surgery clinics, Turquie Santé is committed to offering our well-known high quality at competitive and affordable costs.

The cost of profiloplasty can only be accurately defined after a thorough consultation with our plastic surgery specialists.

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