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Trigeminal Neuralgia in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

Neuralgia is usually pain that occurs in a sensory nerve. This pain, often compared to an electric shock, can be chronic as it can appear from time to time.

This extreme pain attack usually occurs in the face and often starts when you touch a specific area.

Trigeminal Neuralgia
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    Trigeminal neuralgia treatment: reviews and advices

    Trigeminal neuralgia or "facial neuralgia" is pain in the lower part of one side of the face.

    Pain is not all treated the same. If you have unexplained pain in your face, it may require a neurologist review.

    Turquie Santé counselors will direct you to the best hospitals and clinics and the best neurologists in Turkey.

    Facial neuralgia: what are the symptoms?

    Trigeminal neuralgia is characterized by severe, paralyzing and unbearable pain affecting only one side of the face.

    The pain is often caused by an action, such as teeth brushing. It can last up to two minutes and occurs about a hundred times a day. This pain can be so intense that it may cause a distorted face expression or a tic (visual symptoms). When a person with facial neuralgia touches a part of his face, it can cause an electric shock.

    This pain can affect the lower area of ​​the face (the cheekbone) and can also reach the ear. Not to be confused with migraine that results from dilation of blood vessels and affects the entire half of the face.

    Other symptoms can be added such as:

    • Stinging, itching or tingling;
    • A burning sensation, similar to a sunburn;
    • Great sensitivity to cold and heat;
    • Contraction and weakness of muscle tissues;
    • Trouble sleeping (when pain occurs during the night).

    Causes of trigeminal neuralgia

    This disease usually affects adults or the elderly and is often caused by:

    • Compression of the fifth cranial nerve by an intracranial artery or by a venous ball;
    • An injury caused by pressure from a cancerous tumor on the fifth cranial nerve;
    • An arteriovenous malformation (irregularity in the veins and arteries) or an aneurysm (swelling in an artery).

    Facial neuralgia can result from infection with the HHV-3 virus (a herpes virus that causes chickenpox and shingles). It can also be a sign of an autoimmune disease such as Guillain Barré Syndrome. Other diseases can lead to the onset of this pain, such as multiple sclerosis.

    How to prevent trigeminal neuralgia?

    Methods of preventing this disease vary depending on the causes of the disease.

    For autoimmune neuralgia, there is no way to prevent it. As for mechanical neuralgia, you have to lose weight or strengthen your muscles to avoid it. Finally, the best way to avoid infectious neuralgia is to avoid contracting the virus if you've never had chickenpox.

    Treatment of Facial Neuralgia in a hospital in Istanbul: the steps

    There is no specific test to diagnose the disease. However, its symptoms are so particular that the neurologist can easily diagnose it.

    There are several stages in the treatment of neuralgia in Istanbul. They can be cited as follows:

    The examination stage

    The examinations differ depending on the causes of the neuralgia, for example:

    For autoimmune or virus-caused neuralgia, the patient is given a blood test.

    If the facial neuralgia is caused by other factors, the patient is subjected to an x-ray (spine),MRI or CT scan.

    The medication treatments

    The treatment of neuralgia generally combines analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs. The doctor gives these medications to the patient orally, intramuscularly or by parietal infiltration. This treatment aims to decrease the intensity of symptoms.

    Conventional pain medications and morphine cannot completely relieve facial neuralgia. Other medicines are therefore used, such as:

    • Anticonvulsants (antiepileptics)
    • Antispasmodics
    • Antidepressants, anxiolytics and neuroleptics (in addition).

    In case of mechanical neuralgia, a few days rest is necessary for the patient.

    The attending doctor may also recommend that the patient wear a cervical collar or undergo physiotherapy sessions.

    The neurosurgery stage

    Although medication treatment is often effective, some patients show resistance to painkillers. In this case the doctor may consider surgery to relieve the pressure on the nerve.

    There are three types of surgery:

    The gamma-knife technique

    Gamma-knife radiosurgery consists on irradiating the nerve when it comes into contact with the brain. In this technique, the neurosurgeon uses gamma rays which will partially destroy some axons.

    The percutaneous methods

    It’s a method where the neurosurgeon targets the nerve or its ganglion with a needle. Three methods can be applied:

    • Thermocoagulation (removal of the ganglion using heat)
    • Chemical destruction (using glycerol)
    • Compression of the lymph node using an inflatable balloon.

    The technique of microvascular decompression

    In this technique, the neurosurgeon makes an incision in the skull, behind the ear, to relieve the pressure of the blood vessel on the nerve. It is therefore a very complicated neurosurgery.

    How do I avoid relapse after having healed my facial neuralgia?

    It is important to have a healthy lifestyle. To do this, you have to understand how your body works with the help of an osteopath.

    The osteopath ensures the proper functioning of the body structures and that the suffering nerve no longer encounters functional obstacles.

    By treating the problem at the origin, osteopathy sessions help prevent relapse. In order to achieve the desired result, the osteopath will first assess the mechanism responsible for compressing the nerve.

    Depending on the type of your neuralgia, several sessions may be recommended to stabilize your situation.

    The price of Trigeminal Neuralgia Treatment in a clinic in Turkey

    The cost of facial neuralgia treatment in Turkey differs depending on the causes of the sickness. The exams vary depending on the factors, and so does the price. However, the cost of medical care in a clinic or a hospital in Turkey is generally very reasonable. You can be sure that you get quality treatment at low cost.

    By contacting the counselors of Turquie Santé, you will be able to choose the best facial neuralgia treatment clinics and hospitals in Turkey. Also, request your 100% free personalized quote.

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    Frequently asked questions

    There are several causes for this disease such as:

    • Compression of the nerve by a blood vessel;
    • The presence of a tumor;
    • Viral infection;
    • Multiple sclerosis.

    The recovery time is about a month with a gradual reduction in pain-killers.

    The cost for the treatment of facial neuralgia in Turkey is not standard. It will be adapted to your needs according to the care and the type of surgery used.

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