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Treatment of hair loss Turkey

Hair Loss: Causes and Treatments

Losing some hair one day, for women or men, is considered to be a normal physiological phenomenon. But when the number of lost hair becomes important, we can talk about hair loss or also called Alopecia. This disease can be an aesthetic handicap for many people and especially women.

Several factors can cause hair loss but nowadays there are several effective treatments to prevent and stop it.

It's easy to find specialists for hair loss consultation but it's not easy to find neither a convenient  price nor a good expert.

Why do we lose our hair ?

There are several types of male pattern baldness for both men and women, and each has its own causes:

• temporary falls: this type is non-localized and very limited in time (not more than 4 months). It is usually caused by childbirth, heavy surgery, chemotherapy or even high fever.

• long-lasting falls: this type of fall covers the  whole  head and not located in a single zone. It may be due to diabetes, a state of depression, lack of iron along with  zinc, an aggressive diet, emotional shock  and so forth.

• the "fake" falls: this type is caused by products used at the time of hairstyle like the colorations, the perms, and the straightening

What are the necessary treatments for an alopecia areata ?

Based on the causes and severity of the falls, the doctor can decide the adequate treatments to your alopecia, which can be:

• a rich diet: in case of a fall caused by vitamin deficiencies, a diet based on fruits, vegetables, seeds, offal, nuts and dairy products  is proposed.

• Oils to moisturize and soothe the scalp: moisturizing and nourishing the hair with a set of vegetable oils (such as castor oil or black cumin oil) are essential to stop hair loss and promote regrowth.

• hair transplantation: the micro-transplant is the last solution and it is  considered when other treatments fail to achieve the desired result . It involves introducing directly into the infected area, hair implants that replace missing hair follicles.

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