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PRP Hair Loss treatment in Turkey, Cost of Istanbul Clinics

With our hospitals, the average price of the package PRP for Hair Loss in Turkey is 125 €.

The cost of the procedure PRP for Hair Loss in Turkey depends on several factors such as the type of surgery you are going to have, the clinic and the experience of your surgeon. Discover the pack

Injections of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) are becoming more and more popular for treating a range of illnesses including hair loss. Utilizing the patient's blood cells, the procedure increases the healing process in a particular area.

It is only in recent years that trichology has used this procedure to prevent hair loss. Basically, the first step is to take the person's platelets and then inject them into the bald skin.

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    Who is this procedure for?
    • Men and women with baldness
    • People with very fine hair wish to have more volume
    • People with very severe hair loss
    Side effects
    • Pains
    • Bleeding
    • Infection
    Alternative treatments
    Intervention or treatment's duration
    • The session lasts between 20 to 30 minutes
    Recovery time
    • Back to daily life immediately after the PRP session
    • Result visible after 1 month
    Success rate
    • 95%

    What is PRP therapy?

    PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) is a regenerative therapy that uses the effects of autologous growth factors. These latter is obtained from the centrifugation of the blood following a simple withdrawal. In fact, PRP is a technique employed for many years, intending to repair damaged tissues, usually used in maxillofacial surgery.

    The platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for hair loss treatment is currently one of the most advanced tools available in Turkey. This technique involves the use of PRP or blood plasma, which is rich in platelets, to improve hair regrowth. It has quickly spread throughout the world thanks to its effectiveness in the treatment of male and female pattern baldness.

    Platelet-rich plasma injections: in which cases?

    Cosmetic doctors use PRP injections to treat different hair loss conditions. This technique aims at stimulating hair growth and treating baldness and thin hair without a hair transplant.

    Androgenetic alopecia, known as baldness, is one of the most common disorders related to hair. Although it does not harm the individual's health, the changes in appearance may entail discomfort.

    Therefore, medical science has been working for years to find a definitive solution to the problem of hair loss. In fact, it has spread rapidly thanks to its effectiveness in treating male and female baldness, according to the certified reviews of several patients in Turkey.

    The treatment process

    The treatment requires taking a different blood sample from the patient depending on the capacity of the area to be treated. In some cases, our doctors in Istanbul clinics will proceed with a microneedling treatment. Thus, they use a dermal roller with microscopic needles that will trigger the intrinsic repairing processes of your body. A local anesthetic will be used to make the perception of discomfort due to the perforation imperceptible.

    The cost of the treatment varies according to the number of sessions required to obtain a satisfactory result.

    PRP for hair loss: Results of the treatment in Turkey

    Our studies and reviews have demonstrated that 95% of our patients who have undergone PRP therapy immediately have significant improvements in their appearance. PRP for hair loss results is guaranteed and is performed at the best price in Istanbul.

    The PRP technique is recommended where the follicle is still open, and the bulb is not atrophied. That's why our surgeons will ask you to take a hair test to examine your situation. It's through a personalized technique that they will be able to choose the adequate therapy.

    After four sessions of platelet-rich plasma injections, you will have about thirty percent more hair growth in the thinning zones. A study that was carried out in 2017 found that male patients had enhanced hair and thickness in areas where doctors used PRP injections.

    Potential results & side effects of the therapy

    Since PRP is injected into the epithelial tissues of the same patient, potential side effects may arise even if they are very limited. The following undesirable effects may happen, but are rare:

    • Skin infections
    • Nerve injury
    • Pain in the treated area
    • Tissue damage

    Before any injection, it is advisable to ask a qualified surgeon about the potential risks and side effects that may happen.

    Poor results only occur if you are not a good candidate for PRP hair treatment. Indeed, the absence of hair follicles under the scalp means that the PRP therapy would be for you.

    Cost of hair loss treatment with PRP therapy in Istanbul, Turkey

    The cost of the PRP in Turkey is variable from one person to another. In reality, the price depends on the assessment of the patient's condition and the techniques used.

    PRP therapy is a medical treatment that should be performed by competent medical personnel. Turquie Santé has qualified medical staff in our accredited partner clinics and hospitals in Bursa, Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, and Ankara.

    For more details about PRP's cost for hair loss treatment in our best clinics in Antalya, Turkey, you can fill out the online form.

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    Verified reviews of our patients for PRP for Hair Loss

    Frequently asked questions

    Platelet mesotherapy is an effective treatment for androgenetic hair loss. Platelet-rich plasma increases the number of hair follicles, which stimulates natural hair growth. 

    The platelets present in the plasma release proteins and growth factors that allow the proliferation of hair bulb cells, which boosts hair growth. This treatment is recommended in cases of diffuse androgenetic alopecia due to its effectiveness.

    Since the injected product is 100% biocompatible, there are a few disadvantages to PRP treatment, such as redness and swelling in the treated areas. 

    The injection of PRP for hair loss is contraindicated in the following cases:

    • Taking anticoagulants and aspirin
    • Taking anti-inflammatory drugs 
    • Autoimmune diseases 
    • Taking photosensitizing drugs 
    • Severe anemia and diabetes 
    • Skin cancer 

    PRP injection is indicated in the following cases :

    • Diffuse hair loss
    • Androgenetic hair loss 
    • Alopecia areata
    • Slowing down hair growth

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