Protruding ears (Otoplasty) in Turkey

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Info and prices Protruding ears (Otoplasty)

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Protruding ears (Otoplasty) Turkey

Otoplasty: what you need to know about surgery of the detached ears

The detached ears are a very common phenomenon in all the world, for example in France, there is 5% of the population suffering from this anomaly. They can be the source of complex, mockery in the entourage or sometimes can cause social embarrassment. The most effective and guaranteed solution for correcting this problem is ear surgery: Otoplasty.

Otoplasty: definition and objectives

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that aims to correct the defects in the ears (malformation of the hem of the earlobe, malformation of the conch, malformation of the anthelix). In most cases, it is performed on both ears (bilateral otoplasty) and sometimes unilateral.

Otoplasty is in great demand by people who suffer from this problem and wish to have ears with normal forms, for example 15,000 operations are performed in France each year. Thus, this operation is addressed to all persons (adults at any age and children who are more than 7 years old).

Otoplasty: procedure of the intervention

The ear is a very delicate organ so you have to choose an experienced and competent surgeon for this mission. A first meeting between the patient and his surgeon during which he/she determines the motives of the latter, he/she establishes a complete diagnosis and a photographic record. Depending on the patient profile, the surgeon decides the type of anesthesia (local, vigil or general). On the day of the operation, he must remain fasting for at least 6 hours before the operation.

The duration of the intervention varies between 20 minutes and 1 hour with an entry and exit the same day.

After the operation, the patient may experience pain that may disappear with analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

A stop of sports activities, work and studies during the 7 days following the operation is highly recommended.

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Price of the intervention in Turkey

Thus, otoplasty price in Turkey varies according to the part of the ear to correct and the type of anesthesia. In order to be able to provide estimates and tailor-made quotes for the intervention fee, we usually ask our patients to send us pictures so that we can analyze their situation and offer them a cheap quote.

Last update : 21/08/2019

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