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Earring hole repair in Turkey, Costs of Istanbul Clinics

As a result of excessive stretching or the habit of wearing heavy earrings, it is common for the earlobe to thin and expands, turning the small hole in the earring into a real crack.
Even boys, with the piercing trend, are subject to the same problems.

The cosmetic procedure that can solve this problem in Turkey is earlobe repair.

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Side effects
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
Intervention or treatment's duration
  • The operation lasts between 20 minutes and 1 hour
Recovery time
  • Total convalescence after 3 months of the operation
Success rate
  • 98%

Earlobe reconstruction in Turkey

The earlobes are anatomical structures that are part of the outer ear and are made of skin and fatty tissue. The lobes can be more or less completely ruptured due to tears or the prolonged or continuous use of dangling earrings.

In some cases, the earring hole may become embarrassingly long and may even open completely. This aesthetic defect can affect one or both lobes.

Earlobe reconstruction is one of the various operations aimed at improving the contour, shape, or size of the ears. If the earring hole cracks or tears, it can easily be repaired with this cosmetic surgery. Elongated holes of any size can also be surgically fixed.

A simple earlobe reduction takes 10 minutes for each ear, while elongated lobes (graded lobes) take about 20 minutes per ear.

Indications for Earring Hole Repair

Earring hole repair is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure performed by plastic surgeons or dermatologists in Turkey.

Before proceeding with earlobe reconstruction, the patient must:

  • Have a preoperative medical consultation
  • Perform a medical examination: check for chronic disease and the use of certain medications...
  • Perform a blood test.
  • Stop taking any medication that affects blood coagulation, of course, after receiving specialized medical advice.

The process of Plastic Surgery to fix earring holes

The operation takes place in an operating room, in a sterile environment, under local anesthesia. It doesn't require a medical stay in a hospital or a clinic.

This plastic surgery is done in three steps:

Before the Surgery

Before the beginning of the surgery, the area will be disinfected and marked for incision. The earlobe will be sedated using a local anesthetic to ensure the comfort of the patient during the procedure.

During the surgery

To treat a torn earlobe, the surgeon makes an incision in each earlobe. Then he removes any damaged tissue around each earring hole.

The rupture in the lobe may be incomplete and does not reach the bottom of the ear. In this case, the doctor will cut the oval-shaped and stitch it back. If the tear is in the lower part of the earlobe, your surgeon may stretch the tear entirely through the ear and cut out the skin.

If needed, the surgery will be combined with otoplasty or eardrum repair.

Thereafter, he closes the patient's incisions with surgical sutures, which he will remove after one to two post-surgical weeks.

After the surgery

The patient returns the same day, with a bandage that he can remove the next day, leaving the stitches uncovered. He may experience a bruise that will quickly disappear.

You can alleviate the pain with the use of painkillers and return to your normal activities. A medical check-up will be mandatory after one week.

What are the post-operative consequences?

The patient goes home the same day with a bandage that can be removed the next day, leaving the stitches in the air. This allows the patient to keep a bruise that will quickly disappear.

Remember that a medical check-up is mandatory after one week.

What are the postoperative risks?

The results of earlobe repair are excellent and permanent. Residual scars (in the front and back of the lobe) are not very visible and disappear completely within a few weeks.

The risks associated with the surgery are initially rare. However, as with any surgery, there is a risk of bleeding, infection, healing problems, and medical allergies.

In order to prevent any infection, it is essential to maintain good hygiene before, during, and after the operation. And to avoid the risk of bleeding, the doctor's instructions must be followed.

Is it possible to re-pierce an earring hole after earlobe surgery?

After the earlobe's healing, you can re-pierce your ears without any risk. When re-piercing your ears, you shouldn't get the same area perforated again, as the scar tissue may cause side effects.

However, you should consult a professional piercer who will examine the area you want to be re-perforated.

Sometimes, the earring hole may not be healed on the inside, and this may lead to an infection.

What is the cost of earring hole repair in Istanbul, Turkey?

Earlobe surgery is a cosmetic procedure, so it is not reimbursable by health insurance. The cost of earring hole repair includes the prices of the products used and the doctor's fees.

If you are considering earlobe repair surgery in Istanbul, Turkey, contact Turquie Santé advisors and ask for a free quote.

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Frequently asked questions

After earlobe surgery, healing can take up to 5 months. For ear cartilage surgery, healing can take up to 12 months.

Throughout the postoperative period, you will notice the following signs in the ear hole: 

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Drainage of lymph in the form of crusts
  • edema

Once the healing is complete, you will notice a return of your ear's skin to its normal state and a resumption of its flexibility.

Surgery for melted or torn lobes in Turkey is indicated in the following cases :

  • Lobes that are too long (due to wearing heavy curls)
  • Enlarged ears due to stretchers
  • Lengthening of the lobes due to aging

We recommend that you get a piercing a minimum of six months after the ear hole repair, however, it is important to make sure that the scars are well blurred so as not to cause the thread to split.

Before undergoing earlobe surgery, it is strongly recommended to stop smoking for 6 to 8 weeks of the operation to avoid any risk of complication and any postoperative follow-up. Smoking impedes proper healing, so it should be avoided even for a few weeks after the repair procedure.

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