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Physical Medicine and  Adjustment (Rehabilitation)

Causes of congenital or acquired diseases, following an illness, an accident or surgical intervention for example, the person can lose some functional abilities. This handicap has a negative influence on the daily life as well as the psychological balance of the person. Physical medicine and rehabilitation, is the best solution to fight against these disabilities regardless of their origin.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: What is it?

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR), also known as Rehabilitation or Functional Rehabilitation, is a medical specialty that is intended for anyone with an acquired or innate disability. Regardless of the gender, the age, sporty or not ... the reeducation makes it possible to minimize or eliminate the physical and psychological consequences and allows to have a balanced life.

This specialty is practiced in a multidisciplinary context involving doctors, specialized paramedical personnel, nurses and caregivers, neuropsychologists, social workers, etc. The consultation with a specialist does not present any risk to the patient.

Despite the importance of this specialty and its important role in the care of handicaps, it is unknown and neglected by many people.

Diseases treated by rehabilitation

Many disabilities and diseases require the practice of physical medicine and rehabilitation with the help of a physiotherapist:

• Stroke (Cerebrovascular accident): characterized by a sudden stop of blood circulation in some parts of the brain. In the majority of people, it can cause paralysis of a part of the body.

• head trauma: or cranio-cerebral trauma (CCT), a shock received at the head, in the skull, it can be simple or serious and caused by a car accident, fall, blow on the head ... and causes disorders of consciousness.

• a follow-up of the sportsman: the reeducation of athlete after an accident or injury is obligatory so that it resumes its activity quickly. It consists of stopping the sport immediately and asking for medical advice quickly. After a series of examinations and analyzes, the physiotherapist offers the necessary care.

Find a good physiotherapist in Turkey

It is not easy to find a rehabilitation center competent in physiotherapy techniques in Turkey, if you do not know the country well. This is where Turquie Santé comes in to put you in direct contact with well-known hospitals around the world, which will allow you to follow physical rehabilitation sessions at cheap prices.

The principle is simple, you submit your request and we communicate it to our partner hospitals, which, in turn, will present their best quotes at cheap prices. Thus, you can make your appointment to follow your treatment with the massages requested by your doctor.


Last update : 28/03/2020
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