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Rehabilitation After a Cerebral Vascular Stroke in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

Cerebrovascular accident, also called stroke, is a problem that occurs when a ruptured or blocked blood vessel occurs in the brain. The main cause of this attack is the formation of plaques of lipid inside the blood vessels. It can also be caused by high blood pressure.

Stroke can have serious and sometimes irreversible effects. Their severity depends on the size of the region of the brain that is deprived of oxygen. These sequelae require rehabilitation so that the patient can regain the use of his body.

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Rehabilitation after stroke in Turkey

Rehabilitation after stroke begins in hospital in Turkey. The goal of this procedure is to remove the effects caused by the stroke and allow the patient to recover.

There are many rehabilitation concepts and techniques that change from hospital to hospital. Some hospitals prefer to concentrate their efforts on the earliness of the treatment and its intensity. Others prefer to work more protectively towards patients who are already destabilized.

The rehabilitation of the patient allows him to overcome this accident and to reintegrate into society. The success of this rehabilitation depends mainly on the involvement and collaboration of the patient. Indeed, whether for neurological, physical or psychological rehabilitation, he must put all his motivation as well as his will.

Rehabilitation goals

The main goal of rehabilitation is to get the patient back to his or her life before the stroke. However, there are other goals, for example:

  • Restore physical abilities and restore body confidence.
  • To be able to redo daily tasks.
  • Reduce the sequelae of the stroke.

Rehabilitation process

Before the implementation of the rehabilitation, a treatment plan which depends on the patient's condition is established. It also depends on the after-effects left by the accident to help determine the right treatment for the patient. For example, if the patient suffers from mobility disorders, he will be treated with physiotherapy or occupational therapy.

It is difficult to know how long functional rehabilitation will last after a stroke because it is not clear whether the disability will persist or not or how hard it may persist. This is why the patient must be patient and show courage.

Rehabilitation usually takes place in four stages:

  • Initial assessment: This step starts from the time of hospitalization and is carried out by doctors and specialist rehabilitators.
  • Rehabilitation needs: The needs depend on the severity of the stroke, but also on the patient's impairments.
  • The policy decision: In order to properly orient the patient, this decision requires consultation with doctors from many disciplines. It also involves the preferences and desires of the patient and his entourage.
  • Rehabilitation: It must be taken care of hastily and intensely. The session usually lasts 45 minutes and should be done an average of 5 times a week. Rehabilitation is supervised by specialists from different specialties and disciplines in order to maximize the chances of success.

Neurological rehabilitation after stroke in Istanbul

The stroke sometimes has harmful consequences on the whole body of the patient. The sequelae are physical and require rehabilitation by physiotherapists, but also neurological and must be taken care of by specialists in neurology and rehabilitation.

Neurological rehabilitation after a stroke in Istanbul aims to give the patient the opportunity to regain his motor skills to return to his daily activities.

Objectives of the neurological rehabilitation after a stroke

Neurological rehabilitation mainly allows people who have suffered a stroke to prevent complications that can occur such as phlebitis or pulmonary congestion. It also helps them regain their posture, their balance, but above all motor skills so that they can walk and pick up objects, for example.

To achieve these objectives, specialists in neurological rehabilitation aim at four essential points:

  • Sensitivity: So that the patient regains the sensitivity of his skin, but also his proprioceptive perception which is the perception of the position of his own body in space.
  • Motor skills: It is based on physical exercises, endurance and muscle building to allow the patient to reuse his limbs such as his hands to hold objects or his legs to walk.
  • Daily actions: This rehabilitation is done by specialists in occupational therapy. They help patients to relearn the actions of daily living such as dressing, brushing teeth or washing.
  • Speech: The speech therapist helps the patient to recover speech. It can also intervene if there are problems with proprioceptive perception.

Price of rehabilitation after stroke in Turkey

Our partner hospitals and clinics in Turkey have the best specialists in rehabilitation (physiotherapy, occupational therapy ...) to help you get back to your daily activities. In addition, they offer you the best prices to carry out your rehabilitation.

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