Functional rehabilitation in Turkey

Rehabilitation has the task of enabling people to perform again the activities that they are used to doing before suffering from any kind of damage or injury. In fact, there are neurological, orthopedic, psychological, oncologic conditions.

In physiotherapy, we deal with a part of these diseases, especially those related to the orthopaedic, traumatological, neurological, and respiratory fields.

For each of these areas there is a wide range of different rehabilitation approaches but they have a common goal which is to ensure the well being of the people and a maximum recovery of the skills lost during the disease.

Here we will talk about functional rehabilitation which is a rehabilitative field that is not well known but that certainly has a modern vision. We will explain what it is, what it consists of, and in what conditions it is indicated.

How it works ?

What is Functional Rehabilitation?

Functional Rehabilitation in Turkey and Istanbul is a set of treatments that aim to make you return to normal sports and/ or daily activities. The causes of this deficit can be a surgical operation, an accident, and a general trauma.

Functional rehabilitation focuses its work on the stability of the spine so that it can maintain functional stabilization during the movements that affect the body. The objective of this method is to evaluate and treat movement dysfunctions by treating the musculoskeletal system with manual techniques and specific therapeutic exercises.

Functional stability is important because it guarantees a more ergonomic movement for our body, greater strength development, better load balance, and therefore better stability.

It is a functional stability which must be able to adapt to the various functions and movements of the body, otherwise it would be called static stability.

Functional rehabilitation is seen by many as an approach to the treatment of diseases. It is also used to reduce the risk factors for the development of degenerative conditions such as arthrosis, to limit painful back conditions, and to maintain a good state of health.


How is it structured?

To identify the level of functional stability of the body and the most damaged structures, the physiatrist specialized in this type of rehabilitation will perform specific evaluation tests to the patient.

Based on the results obtained during the evaluation, the physiatrist will set up the therapeutic project that will be aimed not only at the resolution of primary dysfunction but also at the recovery of the correct balance between body structures.

We strongly advise you to contact the closest center to you, very often the initial evaluations are free of charge with Turquie santé.

As a result, the objectives of the treatment are the following:

  • Control of pain, swelling, and edema.

  • Recovery of the balance.

  • Recovery of sensitivity.

  • Functional recovery.

  • Overall recovery of the patient.


What are the different phases of functional rehabilitation in Turkey and Istanbul?

The proprioceptive phase is one of the cornerstones of functional rehabilitation.

Proprioception has a fundamental importance in the mechanism of movement control through the sensory feedback of neurons.

Through specific exercises, we work on the proprioceptive abilities of the individual by favoring better motor control and improving the dynamic stability of the joints in general and muscle reactivity.

Re-education of the proper function of the segment affected by the trauma is one of the last steps. After working on the joints, you must teach the muscles to work in a coordinated and simultaneous sequence. This is achieved by repetition and by refining the movement.

The last step represents the overall recovery of the patient, reintegrating the segment affected by the trauma into the whole body functions and thus returning to normal sports and/ or daily activities through the proper functioning of all anatomical structures.


The best services are provided by Turquie santé 

The physical therapy and functional rehabilitation that are provided in the medical centers of Turquie Santé's partners are successful thanks to the collaboration of highly qualified physiatrists and the use of the most modern technologies.

The clinical activity is oriented towards neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation for some acute diseases such as:

  • Cerebrovascular diseases: ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke.

  • Head trauma.

  • Neurodegenerative diseases. 

  • Spinal cord injuries.

  • Neurological disorders.

  • Fractures. 

  • knee and hip prosthesis.


The physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians treat movement disorders with a dedicated surgery where botulinum toxin is used to treat the following diseases: 

  • Blepharospasm.

  • Facial hemispasm.

  • Focal dystonia.

  • Spasticity.

  • Spastic diplegia.

  • Focal hyperhidrosis.

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