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Forehead surgery Turkey

What is Forehead Surgery?

Forehead surgery is a very delicate operation that involves remodelling the bone crest of the forehead.

What is the purpose of Cosmetic Surgery on the forehead?

The objective of this cosmetic surgery is not only the rejuvenation but also the feminization of the face.

Which Structures are Affected by this Plastic Surgery?

There are three prominent areas considered:

  • The brow arch or the forehead bump
  • The bone of the forehead
  • The lateral orbital rim.
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What is the Principle of Cosmetic Surgery of the Forehead?

The principle of frontal lift is to correct the sagging of the skin in the forehead, eyebrows, and upper eyelids.

What are the Indications of this Surgery?

The objective of feminization: It consists of radically changing a masculine face into a feminine face. The female face tends to be more rounded than a male face.

The objective of rejuvenation: The aging face gives the impression of fatigue and sadness. The brow lift aims at restoring this impression by getting rid of wrinkles.

The correction of facial imperfections: For example, asymmetrical eyebrows.

What are the Methods of Forehead Surgery in Turkey & Istanbul?

A distinction is made between two types of frontal surgery: the open surgery technique (which means open cast operations) and endoscopic technique (that is, without opening completely, but just an incision to insert a small camera to monitor gestures on screen).

What are the Postoperative Consequences?

The consequences are usually simple and complications are rare and manageable. If the patient feels some pain, an analgesic will be prescribed.

The Price of Forehead Surgery in Turkey & Istanbul

Forehead Surgery is usually very expensive. The costs vary between 4.000 and 5.000 dollars, depending on the clinic and the surgical technique, either endoscopic or not.

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Last update : 01/04/2020

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