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Laser (Vaser) Liposuction in Turkey, Costs of Istanbul Clinics

With our hospitals, the average price of the package Laser Liposuction in Turkey is 2000 €.

The cost of the procedure Laser Liposuction in Turkey depends on several factors such as the type of surgery you are going to have, the clinic and the experience of your surgeon. Discover the pack

Laser liposuction (Laser lipolysis) is a liposuction technique that uses the vibrations of high-frequency ultrasound to break up fat cells. It is a minimally invasive and innovative method to remove excess unsightly fat.

Laser liposuction in Turkey is performed by the best plastic surgeons on an inpatient basis. Vaser or laser liposuction allows fat cells to be destroyed without damaging the soft tissues, which helps the patient recover more quickly.

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    Who is this procedure for?
    • People suffering from excess weight or fat on one or more areas of the body
    Side effects
    • Hematomas
    • Swellings
    • Pains
    Alternative treatments
    Intervention or treatment's duration
    • Between 1 and 3 hours, depending on the number of areas to be treated
    Recovery time
    • Back to work 3 to 4 days after the intervention
    • Back to sports activities 1 month after the intervention
    • Full recovery after 6 weeks of operation
    Success rate
    • 90%

    The principle of ultrasound liposuction

    The ultrasound energy used at the beginning of the liposuction procedure makes it possible to soften the fatty tissue, as in the case of gynecomastia. Neither the cannula nor the manual movements are used to fragment the fatty tissue. Ultrasonic waves are used to break up the cells that constitute the fat.

    Then an alkaline tumescent liposuction solution is injected. It mixes with the removed fat cells to liquefy the fat (emulsification). Finally, the surgeon removes the emulsion with a small cannula.

    Laser liposuction Procedure: Results & Benefits

    The results of Vaser liposuction are very satisfactory, and this technique has many advantages as well. These are the main benefits of this procedure :

    Effective fat reduction

    This is an effective aesthetic procedure. The results are immediate after a single intervention. In addition to removing excess fat, you get firmer skin. Indeed, Laser Lipo can also tighten your skin and improve your body contouring while destroying fat cells.

    During the treatment, the high temperature of the laser helps firm your skin while adipose tissues are melted away.

    The risks of surface deformities and roughness in the form of wrinkles are eliminated. Laser liposuction procedures can improve the contours of the body.

    Soft & handy

    The new vaser lipo machine features fine probes that deliver controllable energy for easier handling. This technique is a less invasive cosmetic procedure than other traditional liposuction techniques. Using the saline solution, there is less bruising and bleeding.

    The Vaser Lipo technique uses ultrasounds to break up fat before it is removed from the body, reducing the risk of injury.

    Fast & lasting Results

    Vaser Lipo is a one-time procedure, while other liposuction techniques, such as cryolipolysis and 360° liposuction, require multiple surgeries. Post-operative care is brief, and you can return to work and resume your physical activities the same day. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia.

    By choosing Vaser Lipo, you'll see the results almost instantly. You will notice the difference within the first week. The results will be more viewable once the bruising and swelling disappear.

    Most patients who undergo this procedure can expect to lose approximately 11.34 kg. The effects are permanent because the laser changes the fat cells so that they no longer store fat.

    Less pain & faster recovery

    Unlike traditional liposuction, Vaser liposuction is less invasive, so there is less pain after the procedure. Vaser Lipo targets only the adipose tissue (fat cells),leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed. It can be performed under local anesthesia, making it easier to transfer fat to other parts of the body.

    How to take care of your body after Vaser Liposuction?

    The areas most affected by this treatment are

    • The abdomen
    • Pubic area (pubic liposuction)
    • Male chest (gynecomastia with liposuction)
    • The hips
    • The arms
    • Shoulders
    • Legs
    • Thighs

    To benefit from this treatment in Turkey, the patient must follow a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and exercise. In fact, he must also maintain regular physical activity and good hydration. It should be noted that Vaser liposuction is not used to eliminate overweight.

    We're more interested in improving body shape than losing weight.

    Vaser Liposuction Risks

    The amount of heat delivered can cause burns. In the hands of a good plastic surgeon, lasers used in this technique don't pose much of a risk. These risks are less with the newer controllable energy devices.

    However, the potential side effects are temporary and very rare, such as:

    • Infection;
    • Color change;
    • Discomfort in the surgically treated area.

    Reasons not to have Laser Lipolysis

    This treatment is not recommended in the case of:

    • Breastfeeding or pregnancy;
    • Blood clotting disorders (Von Willebrand disease or coagulation factor deficiency);
    • Kidney or liver disease;
    • Recurrent skin infections;
    • Allergy to the tumescent solution;
    • Too much fat.

    Reasons to have Laser Lipolysis 

    The appropriate candidate for laser lipolysis is a healthy person with normal weight and isolated fat deposits.

    The best cosmetic surgeons don't perform aesthetic surgeries on just any patient. Instead, they evaluate a patient's reasons for and expectations from undergoing the surgery. They also analyze how informed a patient is about the procedure's process.

    Laser Liposuction in Istanbul Turkey: Costs & Reviews

    Prices of laser lipolysis vary depending on the country, the team and the region of the body to be treated. The average cost of Vaser Lipo is estimated to be around 2000 Euros.

    Turquie Santé negotiates for you the best Vaser Liposuction procedure with the best clinics and hospitalsin Turkey.

    You can request a free online medical evaluation or review for your case as well as the price of the medical procedure with our partner aesthetic centers in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, and Antalya in Turkey. We have partnered with the most recognized cosmetic surgeons in their fields. Therefore, we guarantee that you will be in good hands with competent and respectful doctors.

    Before undergoing any type of cosmetic surgery, you need to know whether it is suitable for you or not. Only a good cosmetic surgeon will be able to give you the right advice about the aesthetic procedure that needs to be performed on your body to get the best results.

    To get a free quote and online medical consultation for laser liposuction with our partner clinics and hospitals in Turkey, you can submit an online request through the following link.

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    Frequently asked questions

    It is the same procedure, except that laser liposuction is painless and faster than classic liposuction.

    Absolutely not, laser liposuction with our partner clinics in Turkey does not hurt, and it is performed on an outpatient basis.

    The scars, swelling, and bruising will disappear starting from the third week after this surgery.

    It is possible to return to work starting from the first week that follows this surgery. However, returning to sport is only possible after one month of the surgery.

    The success rate of vaser lipo procedure with our clinics in Turkey is 90%.

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