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Synthetic Biofibre Hair Transplant in Turkey, Istanbul clinics and prices

Hair transplantation is a lasting solution for baldness in both men and women. However, synthetic fiber hair implants are seldom mentioned! Synthetic Biofibre hair transplantation can be an interesting option in certain cases.

Thanks to the advancements in cosmetic surgery in Turkey, Turquie santé offers you quality services at reasonable prices in the best clinics and globally recognized hospitals in Istanbul, Izmir, and Antalya.

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Who is this procedure for?
  • People with localized hair loss
  • People who have aesthetic concerns
Side effects
  • Pains
  • Bleeding
  • Infection (low risk)
  • Swelling or redness of the scalp and/or forehead
Intervention or treatment's duration
  • Between 2 and 3 hours
Recovery time
  • Between 2 and 5 days
  • Resumption of sporting activities after one month
Success rate
  • 98%

What is biofibre synthetic hair transplantation?

Synthetic Biofibre hair transplantation, also known as biofiber hair transplantation, is a cosmetic surgical procedure to treat the problem of hair loss. Traditional hair transplantation (FUE and FUT) involves transplanting existing hair follicles from one part of the body to another. Instead, biofibre hair transplantation uses synthetic fibers designed to give the hair a natural appearance. These fibers are inserted into the scalp using a fine needle, which gives the hair a denser and longer appearance.

Biofibre hair transplant procedure

Carried out under local anesthesia, the Biofibre hair implant procedure is quick and painless. In fact, the aesthetic results of this therapy are immediate, allowing patients to leave the clinic directly after the procedure.

On average, it is generally necessary to place 40 to 50 fibers per square centimeter to achieve natural hair density. As for the average annual loss of fibers, it varies from 5% to 20%, depending mainly on the type of skin, the nature of the hair, and the care provided by the patient.

This method leaves no scarring and can be repeated if necessary. With high surgical sterility standards, the risks of infection are minimal. Implanted hair exhibits movement similar to natural hair.

Qualifications needed to undergo biofibre hair transplantation

This modern method of combating baldness is reserved for patients who meet certain appropriate criteria. Moreover, it must be carried out by highly qualified medical professionals with expertise in hair implantology.

Before undertaking synthetic biofibre hair implantation in Turkey, a thorough consultation is essential to review the patient's medical history. This evaluation aims to detect possible past or current pathologies that could influence the results of the procedure.

In Turkey, a patient is considered suitable for a Biofibre hair implant when:

  • They have a healthy scalp and overall good health.
  • They do not exhibit sensitivity during the tolerance test and follow the post-implantation protocol diligently.
  • They are aware that they need to undergo small, regular implantation procedures to maintain the achieved aesthetic appearance.

Once the procedure is completed, the results of the Biofibre hair implant are visible. In most cases, this allows for the desired aesthetic appearance and provides immediate physical and psychological benefits.

After synthetic hair transplant surgery

Within 30 days following the procedure, the Biofibre absorbing hairs become incorporated. Hairs are less likely to integrate into the tissues if they are disturbed before this process is completed. The attachment of Biofibre hairs can be affected if they are too forcefully pulled during the first month. The likelihood of developing early hair loss increases due to poor hygiene and care.

The most crucial advice after the treatment includes:

  • On the first day, do not comb your hair or use shampoo.
  • To reduce skin redness, apply cold compresses to the skin using a sterile pad.
  • Wash your head once or twice a day according to your doctor's recommendations during the following seven days. To avoid rubbing your head, sleep on a soft pillow with a smooth pillowcase. Use a disinfected wide-toothed comb for combing.
  • Within the 30 days following the implantation, slight flaking or itching commonly occurs and typically disappears after cleaning the skin with cold water or gently combing the hair with a disinfected comb.

Synthetic biofibre hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey: Prices and reviews

The metropolis of Istanbul, in Turkey, has become an international hub for hair cosmetic surgery, offering competitive prices while ensuring high-quality results. Positive reviews from patients who have chosen this procedure in Istanbul highlight their satisfaction with the thicker and aesthetically pleasing hair they have regained.

To request your personalized quote at one of our top clinics, you can contact us, and you will receive the best price offers from our partner hospitals in Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Antalya in Turkey.

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