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Poland syndrome treatment in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

Poland syndrome is a congenital condition characterized by anatomical abnormalities affecting only one side of the body (usually the right side, which is impacted twice as much as the left),leading to the absence or slowing of development (hypoplasia/hypogenesis or aplasia/agenesis) of the pectoral muscles on one side of the chest and the corresponding arm and/or hand.

It is possible to treat certain external manifestations and abnormalities of Poland syndrome in Turkey with reconstructive plastic surgery treatments at affordable prices, which allow the patient to regain good symmetry and body functionality.

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Poland syndrome treatment Turkey
Who is this procedure for?
  • People who suffer from a malformation of the thorax or breast asymmetry

Intervention or treatment's duration
  • Approximately 1 hour

What is agenesis of the pectoralis muscle?

Called agenesis of the pectoralis muscle or Poland syndrome, it is a malformation of the breast and thorax. It is acquired from birth (congenital disease) and appears in men three times more than in women.

This condition is very rare and is generally associated with unilateral developmental insufficiency (aplasia) of one of the breasts and malformation of the mammary glands.

The anomaly caused by agenesis consists of atrophy of the pectoral muscle or even its absence from one of the upper sides of the body. In most cases, the right side is most affected.

Diagnosis of Poland syndrome

The cause of agenesis remains unknown, which is why this anomaly is usually undetectable during prenatal ultrasounds.

Imaging examinations are established from birth:

  • MRI
  • Chest x-ray
  • Abdominal ultrasound…

This diagnosis makes it possible to assess the extent of the malformation and to ensure the absence of other damage such as neurological abnormalities.

Symptoms of agenesis of the pectoralis muscle

The disease is essentially characterized by atrophy or even the absence of the pectoralis major. However, other abnormalities can affect the upper limbs following agenesis of the pectoralis major, such as:

  • Incomplete shoulder muscle growth
  • Short fingers (brachydactyly)
  • Fusion of the fingers (syndactyly)
  • Upper body limb asymmetry
  • Diaphragm malformation

Affecting the mammary glands, Poland syndrome can cause breast atrophy and nipple malformation. This can affect self-confidence in most women with this anomaly.

On either hand, the functional disorders caused by agenesis are considered minor.

However, the agenesis becomes more problematic if the functional impairments are hand-related.

Poland syndrome treatment

The techniques used to correct the malformations associated with Poland's syndrome vary depending on the anomaly detected. To do this, there are two main procedures, which are the implant and the graft.

Implant placement

To design a virtual implant adapted to the anatomy of the affected limb, the surgeon performs a well-targeted scan. Then, he manufactures, using the technique of computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM),the implant to be put in place. This is made of either rubber or medical silicone elastomer to prevent any risk of rejection.

Indeed, the correction is made by the custom-made implantable prostheses. The technique is valid for breast implants, bone atrophy, and large anatomical variations of the thorax, fingers, hand, etc.

Lipofilling (fat grafting)

The surgeon uses reconstructive surgery, which consists of making grafts from the patient's adipose tissue (lipofilling). This allows breast reconstruction in women.

For men, a transplant of autologous fat is necessary.

In case of malformation of the fingers, the doctor uses the toe phalanx graft to correct the defect.

The experienced surgeon in Turkey can perform grafts to move the ribs to the right place and to fill in the missing parts.

Psychological assistance and support

Since Poland syndrome is congenital, health professionals recommend psychological support for children with this pathology during childhood and especially during adolescence. Parents need to be aware of their child's condition so that they can encourage them to overcome their disability by building up their self-confidence.

Poland syndrome treatment price in Istanbul, Turkey

Prices of Poland syndrome treatments in IstanbulTurkey, varies depending on the anomaly considered, the part to be corrected, the age of the patient, and several factors. For this reason, the price of treatment is not fixed. Turquie Santé invites you to consult its advisers to have a detailed estimate.

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