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Jawline contouring in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

The jawline is one of the aspects that most influence the shape of the facial oval. Jawline Contouring surgery is a perfect solution to achieve more definition or softening of the jawline, resulting in firmer, stronger male features in men and a more defined, sharply angled face in women, thus improving the overall attractiveness of the face.

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Jawline contouring Turkey
Who is this procedure for?
  • People who want to redefine the mandibular shape
Alternative treatments
  • Mentoplasty
  • Maxillofacial surgery
Intervention or treatment's duration
  • It all depends on the technique (hyaluronic acid or mandibular prostheses)

Jaw redefined: What solutions in Turkey?

There are several techniques available in Turkey to correct the shape, position, and size of the jaw. The choice of the most appropriate procedure depends on each patient and the results to be achieved.

At Turquie Santé, we ensure that your jawline contouring is carried out by the most experienced surgeons in Turkey and the world.

Our partner clinics are leaders in 3D technology and minimally invasive treatments. We carry out personalized studies on a case-by-case basis to determine the most appropriate type of procedure.

In Turkey, we offer two main methods of mandibular remodeling:

  • Mandibular remodeling with hyaluronic acid
  • Custom mandibular prosthesis placement

Hyaluronic acid for mandibular remodeling

Mandibular remodeling with hyaluronic acid is part of facial reshaping treatments. Instead of a scalpel, anesthesia, and post-operative care, this method redefines the face thanks to injections based on resorbable fillers.
This treatment is ideal for those who wish to "sculpt" and harmonize certain facial features in a targeted manner.
There are different types of fillers, so hyaluronic acid should not be confused with Botox, as it is another treatment with different effects and purposes.

Although it is a simple technique and has immediate results, these will be blurry and disappear after about six months.

Custom mandibular prostheses

Our clinics are widely recognized for the placement of custom mandibular implants. We use groundbreaking digital tools that allow us to design a bespoke jaw prosthesis for each patient and consistently achieve the desired mandibular angles.

With this technique and the use of the latest 3D tools, we can design almost any facial contour we want, achieving natural results according to the patient's wishes.

How is Jawline Contouring performed?

The procedure for Jawline Contouring in Turkey differs depending on the technique used, which is either remodeling the lower jaw by injecting hyaluronic acid or fitting prostheses.

Regardless of the technique used, a preliminary consultation with our cosmetic surgeons in Turkey is necessary to discuss your aesthetic wishes and goals.

Hyaluronic acid injection

In the case of jaw reshaping with hyaluronic acid, the injection of the filler product can be carried out during the second session. After identifying the area to be treated, a thin layer of anesthetic cream is applied and the hyaluronic acid filler is injected through microcannulas with very fine needles. The procedure is completely painless and non-invasive.

The effect of the filler is immediate, although the "final" results will be seen in the days following the treatment.

Placement of jaw prostheses

The placement of a jaw prosthesis is a sophisticated operation performed inside the mouth. It is particularly suitable for professionals with knowledge and training in maxillofacial surgery.

Thanks to 3D technology, we have images of the patient's anatomy in three spatial planes to virtually design the prosthesis and the entire contour of the lower jaw, with perfect adaptation and positioning, guaranteeing a natural result and allowing a minimally invasive procedure, fast and with immediate results.

Jawline contouring price in Istanbul Turkey

The cost of mandibular remodeling can vary depending on the complexity of the aesthetic defect you are trying to repair in the structure of the jaw and face, as well as the technique adopted (injection of hyaluronic acid or placement of mandibular prostheses).

With Turquie Santé, we guarantee you the most competitive prices to obtain well-defined and harmonized mandibular angles with facial features, and a triangular shape with the chin that brings attractiveness and beauty (V-shaped).

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