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CO2 laser treatment in Istanbul, Turkey clinics prices

The dermatological CO2 laser is a skin rejuvenation technique that is mainly used for the treatment of specific skin conditions, such as acne scars, wrinkles, and aging.

CO2 laser treatment in Turkey has become increasingly popular as medical practitioners use cutting-edge technologies to provide successful and efficient results for skin rejuvenation procedures.

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Who is this procedure for?
  • Individuals with skin problems
Side effects
  • Temporary pain
  • Reddening of the skin
  • Bruises
  • Swelling
Alternative treatments
Intervention or treatment's duration
  • Less than an hour, but it depends on the number of areas to be treated
  • 30/40 minutes is enough for the face
Recovery time
  • About 2 to 3 weeks of recovery

What is the CO2 laser technique in Turkey?

The CO2 laser is a technique that dermatologists and aesthetic doctors use in Istanbul, Turkey to treat specific skin conditions. It helps to promote cell regeneration, with a consequent improvement in tone and elasticity.

The CO2 laser is a sophisticated instrument capable of emitting a very powerful but controlled beam of light that interacts with the water contained in the skin tissue.
The CO2 laser produces selective vaporization of the target tissue with minimal damage to surrounding structures.

When should CO2 laser treatment be used?

The CO2 laser is a technique indicated for the treatment of certain dermatological conditions such as

  • Angioma, calluses.
  • Wrinkles.
  • Liver spots or senile freckles, sun-damaged skin, growths, actinic and seborrheic keratosis.
  • Acne and chicken pox scars, stretch marks, keloids.
  • Condylomata acuminata and giant condylomata ("rooster's ridges", which are a very common sexually transmitted disease).
  • Epulids (benign swelling of the gums).
  • Skin tags (several small skin appendages located mainly in the neck, armpits, and groin)
  • Dermal nevi (moles) and papillomatous nevi (flat, raised, morform)
  • Skin pigmentations (freckles, melasma, solar lentigo, senile lentigo).
  • Rhinophyma and dark tattoos.
  • Xanthelasma (accumulation of yellow fat in the eyelids).

Why choose fractional CO2 laser treatment in Istanbul?

CO2 laser treatment is an effective procedure that is particularly well suited to making the skin smoother and more toned, restoring its youthfulness and luminosity.

The applications of the CO2 laser are multiple, and concern above all the elimination of wrinkles and scars. However, they can also be extended to the strictly medical field, to problems such as warts, fibroid, and even benign neoformations.

This technique is preferable to the use of a scalpel. It is safer and has shown great performance in many surgeries, as postoperative bleeding and scarring are minimized.

The pre-operative phase

Before proceeding with a CO2 laser dermatological treatment, a preliminary visit with one of our dermatology specialists is essential. This allows for a proper assessment of the skin's characteristics and the intervention methods adapted to your skin problem.

Post-operative recovery

CO2 laser treatments are not very risky, but several sessions may be necessary to obtain the desired results.

Generally, the first results are visible after one month, but really, there is no general rule and results vary depending on the type of problem and the skin treated, as well as the individual expectations of the patient.

Before proceeding with further treatment, one should wait at least 40 days to ensure that the effects last longer.

A program of at least 5 sessions should be completed, not to be performed during the summer months to avoid sun exposure.

Alternative treatments in Turkey

We offer the following alternative treatments in our dermatological centers and clinics in Turkey:

Dermabrasion treatment

Dermabrasion is a fairly simple aesthetic medicine technique. It is an exfoliating technique that mechanically removes the superficial layers of the skin.

Chemical peels

This is a skin regeneration procedure that uses chemical solutions to remove the upper layers of the skin to make it smoother and more toned.

Prices of CO2 Laser treatment in Istanbul, Turkey

CO2 laser treatment will take place at a dermatology clinic or center in Istanbul, Turkey.

The average price of a CO2 laser varies depending on the type and center you go to. 

You should keep in mind that fractional ablative CO2 laser has a higher average cost than non-ablative.

All costs generally include the preliminary visit, the procedure, and the post-operative follow-up.

Factors that can drive up the price are:

  • The medical center or clinic where you will undergo your treatment.
  • The expertise of the doctor.
  • The number of sessions needed to achieve the goal.

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Frequently asked questions

CO2 laser treatment offers several advantages over other techniques:

  • Versatility: The CO2 laser can treat wrinkles, scars, sun spots, precancerous lesions, warts, moles, and other skin lesions with significant results.
  • Precision: The CO2 laser enables precise targeting of the specific areas of skin to be treated.
  • Shorter recovery time than more invasive surgical procedures.
  • Short treatment time (sessions last for minutes to an hour).

During CO2 laser treatment, a sensation of intense heat is generally felt on the treated skin. Some patients describe this sensation as a tingling or mild burning sensation. However, practitioners often use techniques to minimize discomfort, such as applying a topical anesthetic gel or using skin-cooling devices.

For some mild skin problems, such as sun spots or uneven skin texture, a single session of CO2 laser treatment may be sufficient to achieve satisfying results. However, for deep acne scars, several sessions (3 to 6) are recommended to maximize treatment effects.

In many cases, the CO2 laser treatment effects are long-lasting, as the results can be visible for several years. CO2 laser treatment stimulates collagen production in the skin, improving skin texture, firmness, and elasticity for a long period.

In general, fractional CO2 laser treatment in Turkey can cost between 300 and 700 euros per session. However, it's important to note that these prices are a rough estimate and may vary according to the treatment extent, the patient's specific needs and the practitioner, clinic fees, etc.

Last update : 26/05/2024

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