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Buttocks reduction in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

A Buttock reduction plastic surgery is defined as a remodeling surgery to the buttocks which is among the most requested plastic surgical procedures in Turkey and the rest of the world. Many patients require a reduction in the volume of their buttocks. A disproportionate increase in the size of the buttocks certainly causes aesthetic and psychological discomfort for men and women. The causes that determine the increase in the size of the buttocks can be hormonal or caused by sudden overweight.

The lack of physical and sports activity and the failure of diets oblige many people to undergo bum reduction surgery. The best practice is to drastically reduce the volume of fat in the area through liposuction or liposculpture. Let’s discover the possible remedy to remake the buttocks with excellent results and very few risks with Turquie Santé.

Buttocks reduction Turkey

Buttock Reduction Plastic Surgery 

When you gain weight, fat cells enlarge in volume and size. Therefore, a buttock reduction plastic surgery using liposuction reduces the number of fat cells present around the area of the bum. The amount of the removed fat from the buttocks depends on the appearance of the area and the volume of fat cells.

How a Bum Reduction is done?

A typical bum reduction is done by the elimination of cellulite from the buttocks, the firming of the buttocks, and the reduction of excess fat are certainly among the desires that are sought after by many people who would like to wear tight jeans and leggings without having to worry about feeling inadequate. Liposuction is a surgical technique used to reduce excess fat from this area.

General Recommendations for Patients After Surgery

It is essential to mention that the goal of those who undergo a bum reduction intervention should not be to lose weight. If you are overweight, it is recommended to follow a proper diet and exercise. Besides, liposuction is employed where certain parts of the body, in this case the bum, resist diet and movement. As a result, the purpose of bum reduction surgery is not to eliminate as much fat as possible, but to produce the most natural and the smoothest result possible. Generally, no more than 40% of fat cells are removed. The changes are quite long-lasting as long as the weight remains stable.

How does Buttocks Reduction Occur?

The best doctors in and Istanbul, Turkey perform this kind of surgery through a tumescent technique which is considered as one of the safest methods at an international level. The main characteristic of this technique is the local infiltration by general anesthesia and the use of a vessel constrictor diluted with physiological solutions. As a consequence, this leads to a significant reduction in blood flow and a totally anesthetized area that is suitable for aspiration.

Are the Scars Obvious after a Bum Plastic Surgery?

Absolutely not as the only incisions made to allow the passage of the microcannulas are extremely small. Furthermore, the surgery is not painful at all. In the post-operative period, for about 2-3 days, a discomfort will be felt in the treated area, but it can be treated with common analgesics.

Male Butt Reduction 

Some men have excess fat on their buttocks. To get a better esthetic look of this area, certain men opt to get a male bum lift. Male butt reduction is used to sculpt the shape of a man's bottom.

Male Bum Reduction Surgery Prices

The cost a male butt reduction varies depending on the weight of the patient and the experience of the plastic surgeon. 

Alternative Solutions to Male Butt Surgery

There are many other ways to reduce fat in the bottom, but the most effective and permanent solutions is a male butt surgery. There a lot of male butt reduction exercises that tone the muscles of the buttocks and reduce fat in this area.

How long does a Bum Reduction Last?

A male butt reduction surgery has permanent results. It is preferable however to keep a healthy diet and exercise occasionally to avoid fat accumulation under the skin. 

The Cheapest Cost of Bum Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey

As every surgery is different, it is advisable to book a visit to the best doctors in Turkey and Istanbul in order to know the cost of buttocks reduction.

During the consultation, the patient will be informed about the feasibility of the procedure, the execution and healing times and finally the specific and personalized prices will be indicated. If you want to have a preliminary but customized idea of the cost of the intervention without moving from home, you can request online advice by sending photos of the area.

Why is the Cost of a Bum Lift more Affordable in Turkey Than in Other Countries?

Turkey has always been a pioneer in cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgeons here are highly qualified and offer their services at a reasonable price because of many factors including low taxes and a well-developed public health system in Turkey.

Where can I find the Best Prices of Bum Reduction?

The safest and easiest way to find good prices of a bum reduction is by checking out the clinics on our website. Submit a request on our website and get a free quote immediately. One our consultants will contact you soon to discuss further details.

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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! The purpose of this procedure is to decrease cellulite in this area of the body, firm it up and eliminate excess fat.

It is not about kilograms, it's about fat percentage. This procedure will help you get rid of 40% of fat from the buttocks. It is therefore important to adopt a low calorie diet, if you are overweight, in order to optimize the results of this surgery.

Yes, if you adopt a balanced diet and a regular sport activity.

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