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Beard transplant: all you need to know

For a long time and until today, the beard is the outward sign of virility. Like the head and the eyebrows, the hair of the beard can have a weak growth, an insufficient distribution or can be infected by alopecia. To correct these problems and unify the beard, several men have chosen the beard transplant in Turkey.

Beard transplant: what is it?

It is a surgical procedure that involves transferring the hair on the sides or back of the scalp (donor site) to the face. This is the same principle as a classical hair transplant, there are two methods that are:

  • FUE (Extraction of Follicular Units): this is the most used technique and consists of follicle sampling by follicle.
  • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation): performed through the removal of a strip of skin from the back of the head, it requires a long time of healing with risk of failure of the intervention.

Turkey, is very renowned in the field of cosmetic surgery and main grafting of beards.

Facial hair transplant in Turkey: the steps of the intervention

The grafting of the beards makes it possible to correct the scars, to balance the quantity of the hair as well as to harmonize the features of the lower face.

Before the operation

A meeting between the patient and the surgeon is done at least two weeks before the operation to take photographs that allow the latter to decide the number of follicles to be transferred (varies between 500 and 3000) and therefore the price of the beard transplant. Also, a blood test must be prepared before the procedure.

The Intervention

This operation is done under local anesthesia and can last between five and six hours.

Using a pencil, the surgeon draws the area of the beard to correct and the hairy area to remove. After that he/she removes the follicles and implants them in the zones already delimited.

After the intervention

The patient must remain under supervision, a slight swelling may appear in the cheeks one to two days after the operation.

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Price of Facial Hair Transplantation in Turkey

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Last update : 18/10/2019

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