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Macrolane HYAcorp Filler for buttocks in Turkey, Cost of our Clinics

The constant quest for body perfection has become a booming need for many people. With beauty standards constantly evolving, many people are turning to faster, more effective ways to improve their appearance. This is where the injection of the two types of hyaluronic acid Macrolane and HYAcorp fillers comes in, offering an innovative solution in the aesthetic field.

Macrolane HYAcorp Filler
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    Macrolane HYAcorp Filler Turkey
    Who is this procedure for?
    • People who want to increase their breasts without surgery
    • People seeking facial rejuvenation
    • People looking for buttock augmentation
    Side effects
    • Bruises
    • Haematomas
    • Edema
    Alternative treatments
    • Prostheses
    • Lipofilling
    Intervention or treatment's duration
    • Between 45 min and 1h:30
    Recovery time
    • Immediate recovery

    What is Macrolane and Hyacorp injection?

    Macrolane and HYAcorp fillers are aesthetic procedures that use a transparent and viscoelastic hyaluronic acid gel of non-animal origin. This substance, naturally present in the skin, is used to reshape and improve the shape of certain parts of the body when injected by cosmetic surgery specialists.

    Applications of Macrolane Vs HYAcorp injection

    Macrolane and HYAcorp fillers are used for a variety of aesthetic applications. What characterizes them most is that they deliver visible results immediately after the procedure. Also, allergic reactions to both types are considerably minimal, since they are biodegradable substances. However, they do not target the same body's areas.

    Areas treated with Macrolane

    The Macrolane substance is used in injection form to increase breast volume and give it a shapely appearance. It should be noted that this non-surgical option presents an attractive solution for some women wishing to increase their breasts' size without implanting silicone bags.

    Replacing Macrolane injections with other solutions

    Macrolane has been withdrawn from the market due to bad practices that presented a health risk for some people, as well as its influence on breast cancer screening. Where its use has been banned for breast and buttock injections. This highly cross-linked HA has been replaced by other self-fat injection techniques such as lipofilling and HYAcorp filler. The latter has been shown to present no risk to patients' general health.

    Areas treated with HYAcorp

    This dermal filler based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid is injected mainly into the buttocks and calves. Thanks to its hydrophilic composition, which attracts water molecules, HYAcorp helps restore skin tone and hydration. It is also ideal for homogenizing the buttocks, treating those that are too flat or hollow and concave on both sides. The result is optimal suppleness for the treated area.

    The HYAcorp buttock augmentation process

    HYAcorp filler for buttocks is relatively quick and non-invasive. It generally involves several simple steps:

    Initial consultation

    A medical aesthetics professional will first assess the feasibility of undergoing HYAcorp filler for buttocks through a clinical examination. It should be noted that HYAcorp injections are contraindicated in certain conditions, such as pregnancy or breastfeeding, buttock ptosis, the presence of autoimmune diseases, and skin infections.

    How is the injection performed?

    The surgeon in our clinics in Istanbul, Turkey, disinfects the area to be treated and then applies a local anesthetic to reduce discomfort during the procedure. Then, he injects the hyaluronic acid substance at a specific dosage, using very fine cannulas. 

    The session lasts an average of 1 hour, at the end of which the surgeon applies a massage to distribute the injected gel evenly over the treated area. Generally, buttocks will immediately look more plump and shapely.

    Procedure follow-up

    A second session is necessary to maintain good results following the resorption of the injected product within 12 or even 24 months. It is strongly recommended to avoid intense sports for the first few days after the procedure. Nevertheless, patients can resume their daily activities, while avoiding prolonged exposure to sunlight and UV rays, as well as hot showers and saunas.

    HYAcorp filler for buttocks cost in Turkish clinics

    Generally, dermal filler injection prices, including hyaluronic acid, in Turkey, are very competitive compared with other countries. As, HYAcorp filler for buttocks cost varies between 2000 and 3000 euros within our partner clinics in Istanbul, Turkey. It's important to note that the care quality, safety, and cost we offer to our patients is second to none, and a top priority.

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