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Laser Hair Removal Turkey Istanbul

Laser Hair Removal in Turkey & Istanbul

The appearance of hair is a quick way after each hair loss can be dangerous for many women or men. So, despite its diversity, classic hair removal methods like tweezers and waxes are unable to remove hair permanently or for a long time.

Laser hair removal is the best technique for removing hair definitely and painlessly.

Laser Hair Removal in Turkey & Istanbul: How does it Work?

Laser hair removal is a technique that has been practised for about ten years, it has gradually replaced old hair removal techniques as well as electric hair removal. Men and women want laser hair removal to remove awkward hair and gain self-confidence.

This technique consists in burning the areas producing hair with the laser (is a device that diffuses a very special light since one is formed of a single wavelength). The laser targets the pigment that gives the bulb the brown color. That's why, we find that the laser shows its effectiveness on dark colored hairs compared to white, blond, or red hair.
The number of sessions required to achieve definitive hair removal depends on the area being treated, for example for definitive hair removal on the legs, Bikini area, and armpits, you need 3 to 5 sessions. But, the hair removal of the moustache takes between 5 and 10 sessions.

Laser Hair Removal Risks and Side Effects

Laser hair removal has been shown its efficiency for the definitive hair removal but it presents some risks and side effects:

  • Burning: when the laser is applied a bronzed or pigmented area, it does not know how to make the difference between the pigment of the bulb and that of the skin, so its action will be at the level of the epidermis rich in the melanin pigment which causes a superficial burn.
  • Temporary effects: pain may be the main temporary effect with overheating, redness, and swelling of the treated area.  
  • Scars: Several areas may have severe scars after laser hair removal such as the neck, jaw and chest.

To avoid these risks and side effects, several precautions should be taken before laser hair removal:

  • Do not expose yourself to sunlight
  • Do not practise electric hair removal, wax, or tweezers.

After hair removal, you shouldn't:

  • Put irritating products on the treated area.
  • Make peeling, chemical scrub, or massage.
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Laser Hair Removal Price in Turkey and Istanbul

The price of laser hair removal depends on the best hair removal clinic. You can request your free quote and specify your state of health in order to offer you the cheapest prices for your cosmetic surgery in Turkey and Istanbul.

Last update : 29/01/2020

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