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Knee liposuction in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

Fat knees are a relatively common defect in women. The formation of localized adiposity in the knees may be due to a congenital predisposition but also to body overweight. Knee liposuction in Turkey is the best solution to eliminate accumulated fat in this area.

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knee liposuction Turkey
Who is this procedure for?
  • People with excess fat in the knee area

Side effects
  • Swelling
  • Numbness
  • Knee asymmetry
  • Sagging skin of the thighs
Alternative treatments
Intervention or treatment's duration
  • Between 30 and 45 minutes

Who is knee liposuction suitable for?

Knee liposuction is performed in Turkey for patients with fatty deposits in the knee. As with any surgical procedure, a preliminary examination and clinical assessment of the patient's state of health is a crucial step to eliminate any potential complications.

The candidate patient eligible for this treatment is of legal age, psychologically mature and has realistic expectations, and is aware of the characteristics and risks associated with surgery.

How is knee liposuction performed?

Knee liposuction is performed under local anesthesia with deep sedation.

To proceed with fat removal from fat knees, the surgeon in Turkey creates a small and long incision that is concealed in the folds of the joint. Through this incision, the cannula attached to the surgical aspirator is placed, and the fatty tissue is gradually extracted through slow, deliberate movements.

A knee liposuction requires the use of a small caliber cannula, suitable for manipulation on smaller areas. The predetermined amount of fat is sucked out, and then the area is protected with a bandage after placing the stitches.

During the recovery period, an elastic bandage is necessary to promote the healing process.

Postoperative recovery

Throughout the postoperative phase of knee liposuction, the treated area will experience mild discomfort.

Swelling is typical and will subside after a few weeks. Typically, a patient who has undergone knee liposuction does not feel any pain, just slight discomfort to the touch.

It is strongly indicated to take the prescribed medications for the postoperative period and to rest appropriately.

After a week, the bandages and stitches will be removed.

Knee liposuction price in Turkey

The price of a knee liposuction in Turkey is from 1600 Euros. We offer advantageous costs compared to other European destinations.

You can also combine your knee liposuction with other aesthetic procedures (hips liposuction, calf liposuction, etc.) and benefit from a lower cost.

Why perform knee liposuction in Turkey?

Opting for knee liposuction in Turkey guarantees you ideal result with advantageous prices. With Turquie Santé, we guarantee the realization of your knee liposuction with experienced and world-renowned surgeons, and in the best clinics in Istanbul, Ankara and, Bursa in Turkey.

The price of knee liposuction in our partner clinics in Turkey is considerably reduced compared to prices in Europe, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Organizing your medical stay in Turkey is also an opportunity to explore a culturally and historically rich country.

The risks associated with liposuction of the knees

Although knee liposuction is a quick operation and the amount of excess fat is minimal, it is always good to be aware of the risks, which depend on the technique used and, above all, on the experience of the surgeon you rely on.

During the preliminary visit, a thorough analysis of the problem should be carried out to assess whether it is excess fat or bulky bone conformation, informing the patient of the techniques used and the possible outcome depending on his or her physical.

Also during the visit, the entire leg is analyzed, because often those with fat located at the knee level need liposuction of the knees combined with the thighs and, sometimes, also the calves to obtain a natural result.

The suprapatellar region requires special attention from the surgeon during the surgical phase of knee liposuction. Indeed, too much aspiration of fat in this area could lead to skin ptosis (sagging) of the front part of the thigh.
Finally, the use of cannulas that are too wide, which, in addition to being unsuitable and risky for such a small area, causes excessive aspiration of fat and unsightly marks.

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