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Knee Liposuction in Turkey, Prices & Info

Are you bothered by excess fat around your knees? This common aesthetic issue in women can be due to genetics or excess weight. Consider knee liposuction in Turkey for an effective, long-lasting solution to remove these fat deposits.

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knee liposuction Turkey
Who is this procedure for?
  • People with excess fat in the knee area

Side effects
  • Swelling
  • Numbness
  • Knee asymmetry
  • Sagging skin of the thighs
Alternative treatments
Intervention or treatment's duration
  • Between 30 and 45 minutes

Who is knee liposuction suitable for?

Discover the transformative power of knee liposuction, a tailored surgical procedure designed to sculpt and enhance the appearance of your knees by targeting localized fat deposits. This procedure is ideal for individuals looking to address unsightly fat pockets inside the knees or achieve a more harmonious leg contour.

With a focus on patient safety and satisfaction, a comprehensive health evaluation is conducted to ensure a seamless experience.

Candidates for this procedure should be of legal age, possess a mature mindset, hold realistic expectations, and be well-informed about the procedure's characteristics and associated risks.

How is knee liposuction performed?

Knee liposuction is a comfortable and effective solution to remove excess fat from the knees. 

This outpatient procedure, performed under local anesthesia with deep sedation, involves making a small, discreet incision in the creases of the knee. A fine cannula connected to a surgical suction device is then used to gently remove the fat, resulting in a more sculpted knee area. The amount of fat removed is tailored to the patient's desired result and the specific characteristics of the area. 

After the procedure, the incisions are carefully sutured and the area is held in place with a compression bandage, while an elastic bandage assists in the healing process during recovery.

Postoperative recovery

The recovery period after knee liposuction is characterized by mild discomfort in the treated area. This is accompanied by swelling, which gradually subsides over the next few weeks. Most patients do not experience pain, but rather a feeling of discomfort to the touch.

Strict adherence to post-operative instructions, including prescribed medications and adequate rest, is essential for optimal healing.

After one week, the bandages and stitches will be removed by your surgeon.

Risks associated with liposuction of the knees

Although knee liposuction is a quick procedure and the amount of excess fat is minimal, it's always a good idea to be aware of the potential risks. These risks vary depending on the technique used and, most importantly, the experience of the surgeon.

During the initial consultation, a careful assessment is made to determine whether the origin of the problem is excess fat or a bulky bone structure. The patient is informed in detail about the techniques to be used and the results to be expected according to his or her morphology.

The preoperative analysis usually covers the entire leg, since knee liposuction is often combined with thigh and sometimes calf liposuction to obtain optimal results.

On the other hand, the suprapatellar region requires special attention from the surgeon during the surgical phase of knee liposuction. Too much fat suction in this area could result in ptosis (sagging) of the anterior thigh skin.

Finally, using cannulas that are too wide is not only inappropriate and risky for such a small area, but also leads to excessive fat suction and unsightly scars.

Why perform knee liposuction in Turkey?

Scheduling your knee liposuction in Turkey allows you to benefit from renowned medical expertise at attractive prices. In fact, Turkey is known for its highly skilled and experienced aesthetic surgeons, who are renowned for their expertise and convincing results in cosmetic surgery.

When you choose Turquie Santé, you benefit from personalized support throughout your medical journey, from the moment you book your appointment until your full recovery. Our team will ensure your safety and comfort before, during, and after surgery.

We take care of the entire organization of your medical stay, including flights, accommodations, transfers and post-operative care. Our rigorous selection of partner clinics and surgeons guarantees impeccable service according to the highest international standards.

Our multilingual team is available 24/7 to answer your questions, guide you and reassure you throughout your stay.

Knee liposuction price in Turkey

The price of knee liposuction in Turkey starts at 1,600 Euros, much lower than in Europe or North America.

Want to reshape more than one part of your body? Knee liposuction can be combined with other aesthetic procedures, such as hip or calf liposuction, for a more harmonious overall result. By combining these procedures, you can optimize your expenses and benefit from even more attractive pricing.

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