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Buffalo hump treatment cost in Istanbul Turkey

Buffalo hump treatment in Turkey is cosmetic neck surgery that involves removing a protrusion developing in the cervical-dorsal area with fat accumulation. This can affect physical appearance and even lead to tumors, requiring surgery to get rid of it.

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Side effects
  • Bruises
  • Edema
Intervention or treatment's duration
  • About 30 minutes
Recovery time
  • From 2 to 3 days
Success rate
  • 97%

What is the buffalo hump?

The buffalo hump is a proliferation of fatty tissue reminiscent of the buffalo hump, an animal characterized by a voluminous fatty mass located in the upper part of the back, between its shoulders. The hump is manifested by an increase in the curvature of the dorsal spine, precisely at the level of the last cervical vertebrae. The hump, presented as a fatty mass with a firm appearance (lipodystrophy),usually occurs in adulthood without gender predilection and can cause pain related to hormonal disorders affecting the adrenal gland. According to studies, this fatty mass can manifest itself progressively and largely in women in menopause, which requires surgical treatment.

Difference between buffalo hump and kyphosis

It should be noted that a buffalo hump is not the same as a spinal deformity. The latter refers to a deviation of the curvature of the spine resulting in what is called kyphosis, which gives a rounded position of the back. This is the result of an inappropriate head posture.

Causes of buffalo hump

Buffalo hump can occur due to an imbalance of hormones such as cortisol and glucocorticoid. An elevated level of these hormones is the result of medications classified as steroids prescribed for inflammatory diseases or excessive secretion of them by the adrenal gland (Cushing's syndrome). The appearance of a lipoma can also be due to being overweight, where fat accumulates to form a cluster in the upper part of the spine.

In rarer cases, buffalo hump is found in people with weakened bones and vertebrae due to a hereditary disease called osteoporosis. 

Several habits can be at the origin of this disease, like bad posture based on the projection of the neck towards the front.

How to get rid of the lump behind the neck?

The proposed treatment to eliminate buffalo hump is liposuction. By aspirating the fatty tissue, this surgical operation allows the affected area to be treated and reshaped permanently. Before proceeding with the procedure, the patient must undergo a series of blood and hormonal tests and consult with the anesthesiologist to prevent any possible complications during and after the operation.

Post-operative treatment

Recovery time from buffalo hump surgery is estimated at 2 days on average. It is strongly recommended to avoid any physical effort during the first 4 weeks after the operation.

Generally, the patient will experience some bruising and swelling with moderate pain. The result of the buffalo hump liposuction is visible after about 15 days.

Why treat buffalo hump with Turquie Santé?

Turquie Santé will accompany you throughout your stay in Turkey by providing you with the best choices of the most effective clinics in Istanbul that will help you regain the desired appearance.

Ensuring your comfort throughout your medical service with the highest quality and best price of care is our priority.

Buffalo hump surgery cost in Istanbul Turkey

The price of buffalo hump treatment in Istanbul clinics in Turkey is considered to be much lower compared to surgery performed in France or Switzerland.

In addition to saving money, getting rid of the buffalo hump in Turkey has many advantages, including medical tourism, language assistance, and good organization of your care.

Indeed, Turquie Santé will accompany you from the moment you obtain your free estimate until the post-operative follow-up, ensured by the best surgeons carefully selected, to satisfy your expectations and allow you to regain the finest appearance of your neck

You will be able to carry out the liposuction of the buffalo hump in all serenity, with a guaranteed result, and at the best cost.

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Frequently asked questions

No, you can't get rid of a buffalo hump unless you undergo surgery. Liposuction is the only solution for reshaping the nape of the neck.

No, a buffalo hump can also be bony, the case when the neck deformity is due to a vertebral malformation. During the clinical consultation, the surgeon will distinguish whether the lump is bony or fatty.

To improve results following lipoma treatment, your surgeon may recommend physiotherapy sessions. Afterward, massages will help eliminate swelling and soften the treated area.

Bison hump can generally be accompanied by endocrine disorders such as :

  • High blood sugar levels
  • Frequent urination
  • High blood pressure

A hump behind the shoulders may also be associated with a weakening of the bones (osteoporosis).

Removal of the hump is a definitive treatment with no risk of recurrence. The only exception is in the case of very significant weight gain.

Last update : 26/05/2024

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