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Rhinoplasty (with graft)  Turkey

Rhinoplasty is surgery that corrects the imperfections of the nose. One or more cartilage grafts are often necessary to refine the shape of the nose and ensure its functionality.

What are the Goals of Rhinoplasty in Turkey?

There are two different types:

  • Functional rhinoplasty which involves straightening the nasal septum. This surgery is addressed to patients suffering from respiratory difficulties because of a disruption of the nasal septum.
  • Aesthetic rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery which consists of modifying the structure of nasal bone or cartilage to change its morphology.

Both aim to beautify the appearance of the nose while ensuring its functionality by the same intervention.

What are the Defects that can be Corrected by Rhinoplasty?

This surgery is intended  to correct bumpy, too wide, too long, shortened, asymmetrical, twisted, or too prominent noses.

The goal is to harmonize the nose with the rest of the face.

At what Age is the Nose Job Feasible?

This operation is offered after the age of 18, that is when the growth ends.

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What Precautions should be taken before the Nose Job?

During the first consultation, the surgeon makes a careful examination of the morphology of the nose and its relationship to the facial features and examines inside the nose seeking for an abnormality either in the mucosa or in the septum. A blood and radiological assessment will be requested. Finally, the surgeon explains to the patient the technique to be used and the type of anesthesia.

How is the Intervention done?

The nose job is performed by an experienced surgeon in an operating theater, usually under general anesthesia. Depending on the goal to be achieved, a transplant will be more or less associated. Thus, if one aims to make the nose smaller, the surgeon will remove part of the nose either cartilage or bone. The approach is made by an incision inside the nose.

If you want to increase the size, we make an external incision and add cartilage grafts to reshape your nose.

The cartilage of the ear, the bones of the hip, elbow or skull can be removed to reshape the nose. It may be necessary to graft a metal splint.

How long is the Procedure?

The intervention usually takes between 1 to 2 hours depending on the type and actions to be performed.

what are the Post-operative Complications?

The operating suites are usually simple. The bruises gradually recede and the stitches resolve spontaneously without leaving visible scars.

What are the Risks of Rhinoplasty?

You can have postoperative complications. Thus, the possible risks of this surgery are: respiratory difficulties, epistaxis, alterations of smell, persistent pains, post-operative infections and complications related to general anesthesia.

What is the Price of Rhinoplasty in Turkey and Istanbul?

The costs of such a surgical procedure in Turkey differ according to the complexity of the operation. Turquie Santé negotiates for you the cheapest prices for your rhinoplasty surgery in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir or Antalya.

Last update : 27/01/2020

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