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Abdominal Etching in Turkey, Prices of Istanbul Clinics

The concept of Abdominal Etching may be of interest, for the most part, to people who have not been able to get "Six Pack" abs despite following diets and exercises, training to exhaustion at the gym, and eating very few food calories. As the name suggests, Abdominal Etching is derived from the words "Etching" and "Abdominal". Therefore, it is a practice that "sculpts the abs".

Abdominal etching in Turkey is one of the performed liposuction operations to refine the waistline, eliminate all fatty tissue and better shape the abdominal muscles to achieve the coveted "Six Pack".

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    Who is this procedure for?
    • Women who are postpartum
    • People who want to reshape their abdominal muscles
    Side effects
    • Swelling
    • Bruising
    • Fever
    Alternative treatments
    Intervention or treatment's duration
    • About 1h :30
    Recovery time
    • From 5 to 7 days

    What is abdominal etching?

    Abdominal etching is one type of liposuction. Based on the abdominal fat suction technique, this procedure helps to shape the abdominal wall and make the abdominal muscles more prominent.

    Abdominal Etching in Turkey is of great interest to people who are concerned about their appearance and who tend to have sculpted stomachs. The objective is purely aesthetic and is to give back a natural tone to the stomach.

    Six-pack surgery in Istanbul, Turkey

    This form of plastic surgery, designed to create defined abdominal muscles, is well performed in our partner clinics and hospitals based in Istanbul. In fact, this destination is increasingly chosen by patients from all over the world, given the reasonable prices of the services offered.

    Who are the good candidates for abs carving?

    To undergo abdominal sculpting in Turkey, the candidate must mainly be in good health and not have diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, etc...

    To properly contour the abdominal area, the patient should not have more than 2 inches of fat in the abdominal area.

    Also, the body fat tissue should not exceed 18% with an overweight of less than 30% of the ideal weight. This means that the candidate must not be obese.

    Postpartum women can also undergo abdominal etching to reshape the sagging skin resulting from the pregnancies.

    It should be noted that a good candidate should not be a smoker. Even after the operation, it is best to avoid smoking.

    The procedure is also suitable for people who have lost considerable weight.

    Benefits of stomach muscle sculpting in Turkey

    After abdominal sculpting, the candidate will have more self-confidence by having an athletic abdomen in one of our best clinics partner in Turkey.

    Abdominal sculpting will bring out your toned abdominal muscles in less than 7 months.

    Moreover, no scars will be visible after the operation.

    To maintain the toned appearance of the abdominal muscles, the patient must adopt healthy and well-balanced eating habits. It is very important to practice sports to maintain a stable weight. Indeed, weight gain directly affects the shape of the belly.

    The abdomen carving procedure in Istanbul, Turkey

    In Istanbul, Turkey, the procedure is based on cutting away the fat deposits that cover the patient's abdominal muscles. To do this, the surgeon first marks the areas to be sculpted in the abdomen. This will give the impression that the doctor is drawing the muscles of the anterolateral abdominal wall.

    Using a scalpel, the plastic surgeon makes small incisions around the belly button to access the fat deposits. Then, he removes the fat and drains it with the liquid and blood using a pump.

    The incisions are then closed with a bandage. The doctor applies a compression garment on the belly so that the middle part begins to heal.

    Generally, after 4 to 6 weeks, the compression garment will be removed with the permission of your surgeon.

    Risks and side effects

    The risks associated with abdominal etching are considered minimal, but complications can occur.

    Some of the side effects include :

    • Swelling
    • Bruising from the anesthesia
    • Damage to the blood vessels
    • Fever: this can be a sign of infection
    • Irregular healing

    In all cases, you should inform your doctor if you experience any of these signs or any other discomfort.

    Abdominal etching vs liposuction in Istanbul Clinics

    Abdominal etching gives more pronounced results than liposuction, with well-defined contours.

    This procedure requires more expertise and specificity, and therefore it is probably more expensive than simple liposuction.

    During an abdominal etching, the areas are well-targeted. It is because of the precision of this technique that abdominal sculpting is considered to be three-dimensional liposuction.

    Price of abdominal etching in Turkey

    The price of abdominal etching in Istanbul, Turkey is 2500 euros and can vary depending on the condition and the estimated goal. You can request a personalized estimate from our consultants and benefit from a free consultation. Turquie Santé provides you with Abdominal Etching surgery in the best conditions and at competitive prices in Turkey.

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