Frequently asked questions

How can Turquie Santé help me for my care?

Upon receipt of your application or medical file, the Turquie Santé team will provide you with various negotiated quotes from hospitals or clinics in Turkey, you will benefit from our advice of choice and making appointments for free.

I do not speak Turkish, will that be a problem for me?

Not at all, thanks to our Arabic, French, English and Turkish speaking staff who will be happy to assist you throughout your stay and even after your return you will be very comfortable with the medical staff or elsewhere.

Is the level of quality of care in Turkey correct?

No, the quality of care in Turkey is Excellent, the medical profession has a lot of experience and uses the latest technology. The majority of hospitals contracted with Turquie Santé have JCI American accreditation recognized worldwide.

Is the price of care more expensive than in France or Spain?

No, thanks to our well-negotiated agreements, your high quality care in Turkey will be at half the price in France or in Spain and sometimes up to 70% on some treatments. \ n With Turquie Santé, your care will cost less than if you go there alone, and the most is to benefit from all our expertise and assistance.

Do I have to pay an advance for an appointment?

No, quotes and tips and making an appointment are completely free.

How will my care be paid?

Once there, you will pay for your care yourself at the hospital or clinic in cash or by credit card as per the quote, unless the physical consultation of the new elements appear but it is not frequent.

Can you find me an apartment near the hospital?

Yes, we take care of finding accommodation within your budget and not far from your hospital whether it is a hotel or a furnished apartment.

If I need my doctor after my return?

Turquie Santé will assist you before during and after your return, we will remain at your service to contact your surgeon or doctor so you refer their recommendations or translated advice .