Microneedling and collagen production for a perfect skin

Microneedling and collagen production for a perfect skin


    Microneedling, the "perfect skin" technique that is a hit

    Micro-needling is a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment aimed at stimulating the production of collagen. It is the first determinant of skin aging and the appearance of the imperfections associated with it. Collagen levels in the epidermis are closely related to age, as they undergo a gradual decrease over time. This occurs from the age of 25 and is a process strongly influenced by lifestyle and genetic characteristics.

    This deficiency is manifested by the appearance of wrinkles and a decrease in skin tone, as well as a reduced ability to repair damaged tissue. For this reason, micro-needling can eliminate not only typical aging lines but also scars, stretch marks, and cellulite.

    This is done using a roller device covered with micro-needles, the derma roller, which, sliding over the areas to be treated, pierces the skin at different depths and stimulates cell regeneration. The need to repair tissue causes the body to produce collagen; benefiting from this process is the entire-treated area, which reacts by restoring ideal conditions for the skin, even aesthetically.

    The composition of the skin

    To understand how micro-needling works and all the techniques used to fight against skin aging, a few premises are necessary. In particular, it is useful to present a brief overview of the functions of the skin and its composition.

    Consisting of two different types of tissue, the epithelial and the connective, the skin is in all respects counted among the organs of the human body, of which it constitutes about 15% of the total weight.

    The skin is made up of three main layers:

    • The epidermis: this is the outermost layer of the skin, the most exposed to exogenous agents, and, of course, the most involved in anti-aging therapies. This layer is in turn divided into basal (or germinal), spiny, granular, shiny, and horny.
    • Dermis: the middle layer, rich in nerves and blood vessels. The dermis has the function of passing fats and nutrients to the epidermis so that it remains protected from external aggression and dehydration.
    • Hypodermis: the third and last layer of the skin, the one placed at the greatest depth. The hypodermis performs essential health functions, in particular protection against any trauma and the release of substances useful for the proper functioning of the metabolism.

    All the benefits of micro-needling: How does it work and what results to expect?

    As illustrated above, micro-needling acts by causing microscopic lesions at the epidermal level. This triggers a complex self-repair mechanism of the skin, which involves blood circulation and cell renewal functions.

    The benefits resulting from this new functionality are numerous and are still the subject of in-depth studies. We do not yet know how many of them occur, but clinical observation of the results leaves no doubt: that micro-needling is a valid and safe technique, and therefore recommended by the medical-scientific community.

    Collagen production

    From the age of 25, the production of collagen gradually begins to slow down, in a natural and irreversible process. The modalities and the moment of this event depend on subjective genetic factors and exogenous causes, therefore coming from outside. Among these, exposure to UV rays is undoubtedly the first factor of aging, followed by tobacco, alcohol, pollution, and poor diet.

    The lower amount of collagen causes:

    • Loss of skin elasticity
    • Loss of soft tissue tone, resulting in less defined contours
    • Less ability to repair skin damage, such as cuts or burns
    • Greater difficulty keeping skin hydrated


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