All about cutaneous fatigue treatment in Turkey

All about cutaneous fatigue treatment in Turkey


    As they say, "the face is the reflection of the soul", so we will make it shine with its own light by illuminating it.

    Many aspects influence the health of the skin, such as external aggression, lack of sleep, poor diet, cold, wind or the combination of cold and heat that the skin is currently experiencing with heating and chimneys. Additionally, the stress of work and routine can wreak havoc on the skin, leaving it looking dull, tired and with a downcast expression. Do you know that all these ravages in which the skin is involved have a solution?

    Below you will find tips that deviate from current trends, but which are certainly functional and effective in terms of well-being, health and youthful skin.

    So what can you do to have toned facial skin?

    Cleanse your skin thoroughly

    What's the first step to glowing, healthy skin? Epidermis washing that is meticulous, effective, and respectful. You will have a well-protected skin and cleared of all the pollutants that alter the appearance of the skin thanks to daily cleansing.

    Use a tonic lotion to revitalize your skin

    Applying a tonic lotion when you get out of bed is ideal for refreshing and waking up the skin. This eliminates the toxins accumulated during the night in order to make new skin. It helps to activate the micro-circulation in the skin tissues, to tighten the pores and to reduce any redness that alters the complexion. Choose the right tonic lotion that matches your skin type to rebalance and refine it. Imperfections will be blurred and pores will be tightened too.

     Adopt an energizing eye contour treatment

    Overstressed by its twenty-two muscles in perpetual activity and its ten thousand blinks a day, our eye contour often betrays our state of fatigue. By its fragile nature, it darkens and wrinkles faster, expression lines are marked, and dark circles and puffiness appear.

    To wake up the eyes, opt for anti-fatigue eye care.

    Facial peeling

    Facial exfoliation is a very important aesthetic task for the skin of the face because it generally allows eliminating all the dead cells accumulated and gives more softness and shine to the skin while helping to hide the scars and marks. With facial exfoliation, the skin of the face can carry out its cell regeneration process correctly, resulting in a much more oxygenated and hydrated dermis. Peeling your face every week will give you a good result.

    Drink water

    Dust, atmospheric substances, and other external agents are deposited on our skin daily. In addition, leftover makeup and dead cells clog pores and prevent skin from breathing, causing dryness, irritation, dehydration, and giving our dermis an unhealthy appearance. We know very well the importance of a good cleansing of the face to get rid of all these negative substances, but if, in addition to the use of tonic and moisturizer, we incorporate the two liters of water per day established by the experts in our beauty routine, we will realize double benefits.

    Take off your make-up before going to bed

    Laziness sometimes gets us down, and we don't remove our makeup before going to bed... And that's a big mistake! Makeup is just a layer on the skin that needs to be removed before going to bed. Makeup removal makes the skin healthier and cleaner. The night is the time when our dermis regenerates. So, if you cleanse the skin before going to sleep, you not only remove makeup but also eliminate dead cells and prevent imperfections and dehydration of your skin.

    If you want healthy, clean, and hydrated skin, don't forget to remove your makeup!

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