Treatments of regenerative medicine to fight against aging !

Treatments of regenerative medicine to fight against aging !

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What is regenerative medicine?

It is the specialty that applies the principles of engineering and health sciences to make biological substitutes that enhance or replace organs or tissues that are so damaged that they can no longer perform their functions.

Artificial skin and cartilage are examples of artificial tissues, although they currently have limited use in human patients.

What diseases does the regenerative medicine specialist treat?

It treats diseases or traumas that have damaged certain tissues beyond repair. The most frequent diseases are cardiac (coronary disease, arrhythmia, heart failure, etc.), leukemia, degenerative diseases (discopathy, osteoarthritis), lymphomas, and monogenic diseases (cystic fibrosis, Huntington's disease, muscular dystrophy).

Extra bladders, small arteries, skin grafts, cartilage, and even a complete trachea have now been implanted in patients, although these are still experimental and very expensive.

As we age, our cells' ability to function eliminates and the genome assembles the traits of aging. Regenerative biology involves improving or replacing cells, containing old ones. One of the most important tools in regenerative biology is our ability to create “induced” stem cells.

Why does the skin age?

It is important to understand that our skin is made up of cells, which have a certain lifespan, and once they accomplish this, they die and give way to other new cells.

However, over the years and as our age advances, these new cells lose part of their capacities, so that, for example, the production of proteins and collagen is reduced, two compounds essential to the structure of the skin. . .

But not only does age influence the aging of the skin, but there are also factors, both external and internal, which are linked to pollution, diet, hydration, stress, bad habits such as consumption of alcohol and tobacco, and of course exposure to the sun.

Gradually, devoid of this type of compound and exposed to the external and internal agents mentioned above, the skin loses its elasticity and radiance with which wrinkles appear, and it presents that aged appearance.

Techniques and treatments

There are different anti-aging techniques and treatments with which we can enjoy a substantial improvement in the condition of our skin.

It is important to keep in mind that all of them are aimed at mitigating the negative effects caused by the external and internal factors that we mentioned in the previous section, but they are also aimed at delaying premature aging and achieving effective and healthy rejuvenation. Skin that delays the natural changes that occur with age.

Among the most popular, we can highlight:

  • Radiofrequency: This is a type of non-surgical treatment that firms the skin. One of its main advantages is that it manages to access the deepest layers of the dermis, which helps to motivate the production of collagen, so that little by little we will notice a further improvement since it is an anti-aging treatment.
  • Plasma pen: this process works the epidermis throughout the body, successfully removing excess skin and motivating the generation of elastin and collagen, thus reducing both wrinkles and flaccidity.
  • Biostimulation: this is an anti-aging technique based on the use of the patient's blood to improve the structure of the skin, throughout a process that achieves excellent results in just a few days.
  • Lifting: the very popular surgical procedure by which natural structures are positioned that, over time, have become distended or collapsed.
  • Laser: there are different types of laser with which we will be able to eliminate some of the most common skin alterations, which will allow us to obtain a quite interesting rejuvenation.


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